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The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

Eva Nine has lived inside an underground bunker her entire life with only her Muthr (Multi-Utility Task Help Robot zero-six) for company. Muthr has been programmed to take care of Eva Nine. If you have a lot of brothers and sisters at home maybe this sounds pretty good – a robot to see to your every need and provide constant entertainment. But Eva Nine is lonely. And bored. And she wants to go OUTSIDE. She wants to know most of all, “is there anybody out there somewhere, like me?”

When the bunker is attacked by an alien Eva Nine gets exactly what she wants. She’s outside and she’s not at all alone, although now she kind of wants to be! Outside the bunker live fantastic over-sized creatures – some want to be her friend, but some want to eat her.  Eva Nine does the only thing she can think of, she sets out toward the only other place she has ever heard about that might have humans in it. A Star Wars – like adventure with a likable hero who has funny, loyal robots and aliens for friends. Author: Tony DiTerlizzi Tony co-wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles with Holly Black. Wondla is full of his great illustrations and if you have a webcam…the book includes directions for using it to enhance those illustrations. (See second video below.)

  • Wondla Official Website
  • The Search for Wondla on CD
  • Read Chapter One The Serach for Wondla (Listen to actress Teri Hatcher read an excerpt – third video below.)

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    I Am Number Four

    I Am Number Four

    I Am Number Four

    In the beginning we were a group of nine.
    Three are gone, dead.
    There are six of us left.
    They are hunting us, and they won’t stop until they’ve killed us all.

    I am Number four.

    I know that I am next. (page 9)

    And that sets the stage for this Tranformers-like action adventure starring a teenager, just like you…except that he’s an alien. He and his companion/guardian have lived on the run for years hoping to stay one step ahead of those who hunt them.

    I have the urge to cry, but I don’t. It’s not that I’m necessarily sad to leave Florida, but I’m tired of running. I’m tired of dreaming up a new name every six months. Tired of new houses, new schools, I wonder if it’ll ever be possible for us to stop. (page 15)

    That constant movement, constant vigilance, constant looking behind and over the shoulder is the tension that drives this book. All the way through I felt that…the idea of being watched and hunted.

    When Henri and John settle in Paradise, Ohio John is determined to make this place last; the place he can finally blend in, make friends, rest. And he does. With his new friend Sam and his girlfriend Sarah John finally has what he’s always wanted. His pursuers don’t want him to have it though. They want him dead. And when they come, they don’t care who they take out with him.

    This is a really exciting story with strong relationships between the characters and just enough romance to understand why John wants to stay in Paradise so much. Author: Pittacus Lore (Lorien’s ruling Elder. He has been on Earth for the last twelve years, preparing for the war that will decide Earth’s fate. His whereabouts are unknown.)

    A movie is already in production and will premiere: Feb. 18, 2011. And I’m sure there will be more!

  • I Am Number Four Official Website
  • They Walk Among Us Official Blog
  • Browse Inside  I Am Number Four
  • Look Inside I Am Number Four
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    When Jim’s sister Becky informs him she overheard a teacher saying he is a lazy nuisance and likely being sent to Fenham – a school for kids with problems – Jim doesn’t know if the story is true, or he’s being punked. Becky isn’t exactly trustworthy, but at the same time, what if it’s true?

    The only way to know for sure is to do some investigating. Jim’s friend Charlie has the just the thing – a set of walkie talkies. One walkie talkie can be hidden in the teacher’s lounge while Jim and Charlie listen in on the conversation on the other.

    This terrific plan goes bad when A.) the teacher’s lounge conversations are too boring for words and B.) Jim and Charlie overhear something odd. Something crazy. Something they just can’t leave alone. The thing is SO huge and SO not able to be ignored the two break into their teacher’s house to get to the bottom of it…and find out more than they ever wanted to know. Sometimes, teachers seems like they are from Mars…but what if your teacher really is an alien? What if the alien plan is to destroy the earth? What can a couple lazy nuisance kids do about it? Jim and Charlie are about to show what a real nuisance they can be! Author: Mark Haddon 

    Google Preview Boom!

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    The Doom Machine

    The Doom Machine

    The Doom Machine

    Jack Creedle is minding his own business one morning running his newspaper route when a flying saucer hovers over his town. Finally, something interesting is happening in Vern Hollow. But why did the Skreeps choose to land in tiny Vern Hollow? Skreeps usually invade planets, take everything they want for themselves and enslave the people living there. This time they seem to have something different in mind. They are looking for something all over Vern Hollow and they’ll do just about anything to get it.

    Jack’s Uncle Bud, the town auto mechanic, has been acting a little strange, well, more strangely than usual. He’s been busy in his backyard shed tinkering on a special projects he’s built inside an old refrigerator. It turns out crazy Uncle Bud is onto something with this invention. It’s the one thing the Skreeps want. It also might be the very thing needed to save earth from the Skreeps, if Jack and his Uncle Bud and a crew of motley friends (and a couple enemies) can keep them from it. A high flying alien abduction adventure with Jack and his crazy Uncle Bud – two unlikely heroes that run their adventures their own way. Creedles are used to trouble, trouble always find them. This time, the trouble better look out. Author: Mark Teague

    • Read an Interview with Mark Teague
    • Play Online Game: The Doom Machine Skreep Attack

    More alien adventures with intrepid, brave and funny kids that are not afraid to take on an alien invasion:
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    Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

    Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

    Mike Stellar Nerves of Steel

    “Michael, there’s something your father and I would like to talk to you about.”

    Anything that follows a line like that can never be good. But the next time you get hit with bad news, remember Mike Stellar. NOTHING can compare to what came next for him.

    “We’re moving to Mars. Tomorrow.” I heard a thump and looked around. Surprisingly, it had come from me. I had fallen off the sofa.

    Moving to Mars was NOT in Mike’s plan and he is not pleased with his Mom and Dad.

    “Excuse me if Im not skipping down the hall at the thought of moving to a different planet, Mom.”

    Mike can take one box of stuff and the lid has to fit on tight when he’s done. So Mike packs his one box and his bad attitude and boards the shuttle. Well, he also packs a seriously contraband outside communication device so he can keep in contact with his best friend on earth. (Don’t tell.)

    On the spaceship Mike does some early morning exploring, like any self respecting kid would do. He stumbles into an area that his parents, and security, act very strangely about. In fact, Mike’s parents act downright guilty. What are they hiding about this space trip? What’s a rebellious, suspicious, smart kid to do? Get to the bottom of it that’s what, and he just might have to break a few more rules while he’s at it. Detention again! Author: K.A. Holt

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