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Kid Review: Because of Winn Dixie

Kid Review: Because of Winn Dixie

Because of Winn Dixie

Ten-year-old India Opal Buloni describes her first summer in the town of Naomi, Florida, and all the good things that happen to her because of her big ugly dog WinnDixie.

Jasmine says:

I love this story bcause it tells a story about a little girl that loses her mother. This is not the good. This is the good part – her father finds true love again and he gets married. his daugher was kind of happy for him. I love this story so much I read like 20 times already. I hope one day you will read and love it just like me. i hoped you enjoyed it. Author: Kate DiCamillo

Here are some more great dog books and one about a dad who starts dating again…and what his girls think about it.
Penderwicks of Gardam Street A Dog's Life Everything for a Dog
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Amelia Rules! #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Amelia Rules! #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Sassy Amelia is back in another book that clearly shows Mr. Gownley remembers EXACTLY what it’s like to be in Middle School and figure out that really, “fair” just doesn’t exist. Amelia’s visiting the principal a little too often again…language, tardiness, mumbling under her breath, constantly testing the boundaries, etc.

Amelia finally asks her teacher, “Mr. Henderson? Can I ask you something? Why on earth would anyone want to be a teacher? I mean seriously…if I had to go to school every day for the rest of my life…I’d go catch a bus with my face.” (page 63)

That Amelia, she holds nothing back! The one thing that IS good about school though, is Amelia’s friends: Reggie, Rhonda, Pajamaman, & Joan…even her new friends on the cheerleading squad. Amelia gets an idea of the meaning of life and what’s important, everyday with her friends. I’d love to go to school with them.

Favorite line? When Rhonda confronts the mean girl who denies ever doing anything mean, “You’re a nightmare! If I were a Jedi, I’d have force choked you a year ago.” (page 118) Whoa!, that Rhonda, she doesn’t hold back either, no wonder she and Amelia are such good friends! Author: Jimmy Gownley

Vol. #1: The Whole World’s Crazy
Vol. #2: What Makes You Happy
Vol. #3: Superheroes
Vol. #4: When the Past is Present
Vol. #5: The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular
Vol. #6: True Things Adults Don’t Want Kids to Know 
Vol. #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Here are some more kids like Amelia that are trying to figure out life – stories also told as comic books; stories that tell the truth and also make you laugh.
Smile Zebrafish The Secret Science Alliance The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
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Inside Out and Back Again

Inside Out and Back Again

Inside Out and Back Again

Ha is ten years old and lives in Saigon, Vietnam during the Vietnam war. For the first ten years of her life the war happened far away from where she lived but now danger has come too close and her family has decided to flee. It’s a hard decision because Ha’s Dad is missing and leaving means leaving him behind.

Ha’s family manages to get to a refugee camp in Florida. To leave, an American must volunteer to sponsor the family; to help the adults find work and begin sending the children to school.

A man comes to the camp wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Ha is sure he has a horse he will let her ride – he is an American…and aren’t all Americans cowboys?

This is the story of all of the things Ha believed about America before she arrived, compared to what reality turns out to be. Some things she learns are really funny and some things she learns are really sad. It is also a story of all of the new things Ha has to try; like chicken nuggests (she gags), American clothes (she mistakenly wears a nightgown to school) and English. (When Ha reads “See spot run” she doesn’t understand how a stain (a spot) can move really fast.)

And then there are the kids at school who just aren’t very nice to Ha at all. Some of the adults aren’t either, actually. But there are a few, especially Ha’s neighbor Mrs. Washington, who turn out to be just the American friends she is looking for.

This is a great book for getting to know exactly what it would be like to go somewhere totally new and have to learn to speak and read all over again as well as understand all of the unfamiliar things people do. Ha is one brave girl. Author: Thanhha Lai

Here are some more books about kids making their way in America:
The Unforgotten Coat Shooting Kabul The Day of the Pelican Drawing from Memory
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Big Nate on a Roll

Big Nate on a Roll

Big Nate on a Roll

Nate ends up in detention again but it isn’t his fault, it’s Artur’s fault. Nate loses his skateboard but it isn’t his fault, it’s Artur’s fault. Nate’s still in love with Jenny but she doesn’t love him back…and IT’S ARTUR’S FAULT.

When Artur misunderstand’s Nate and leads Nate’s archnemesis Gina to believe Nate loves HER…well, that is definitely Artur’s fault and Nate has had it up to HERE with Artur! Artur “Mr. Perfect.” Artur “Mr. Always has the answer the teacher wants.” Artur “Mr. the Guy who is dating Jenny”…which is just WRONG.

When the Timber Scouts announce a new fundraising effort with the top prize being a new customized skateboard, Nate is determined to beat Artur and win that skateboard. Since Nate thinks the wall hangings he’s supposed to sell are lame, he decides to make as much money as he can doing what he wants and then use THAT money to buy enough wall hangings to beat Artur. As Spongebob would say, “Patrick, your genius is showing!” As usual, Nate’s genius gets him into all kinds of trouble! Author: Lincoln Peirce

Browse Inside this book
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Big Nate Series:
1: Big Nate in a Class By Himself
2: Big Nate Strikes Again
3: Big Nate On a Roll
4: Big Nate Goes for Broke (Comes Out March 20, 2012)

If you think Nate is funny, try some of these:
Dog Days Smile Amelia Rules Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday
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Darth Paper Strikes Back an Origami Yoda Book

Darth Paper Strikes Back an Origami Yoda Book

In The Strange Case of Origami Yoda we met Dwight and his finger puppet Yoda. According to the casefile Dwight’s friends put together Yoda was no ordinary finger puppet. Origami Yoda gave out wise advice and seemed to be able to see into the future. (If you want to read the evidence for yourself, you’ll have to read it for yourself.)

Despite the evidence in the casebook, there is still one person at school who is NOT a true believer – Harvey – who calls Origami Yoda “that green paperwad.”

In Darth Paper Strikes Back Harvey makes a finger puppet of his own and names it “Darth Paper”. He uses it to harrass Dwight and constantly remind everyone that Origami Yoda is a hoax. When Dwight gets in trouble for something Origami Yoda says and is suspended from school, it looks like the dark side is getting the upper hand.

But the other kids aren’t ready to give up on Origami Yoda, or Dwight, just yet. They decide to make ANOTHER casebook – this time to show how much they need Dwight back in their school…and it isn’t just for Origami Yoda’s dating advice.  Author: Tom Angleberger

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Big Nate Smile Rodrick Rules
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