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Indy 500

Indy 500

Great Moments in American Auto Racing tells the dramatic history of auto racing: the memorable moments, larger-than-life drivers and well-known races. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the location of many of these legendary moments, most of them taking place each may during the annual running of the Indy 500. If you are a loyal fan or just plain curious, this book will give you a pit row look at the personalities and events of American racing. Listed below are more eBooks & print books you can check out with your IndyPL Library card.



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Indianapolis 500Indy CarsIndy RacingIndy Car RacingRace Cars Look BookRace DayThe Race Car BookIndy Cars 3Indy Cars 5Indy Cars 6


Indianapolis 500 2Indy CarsRace CarRacing DriverMario AndrettiA J FoytDanica Patrick
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Homework Help: Indiana

Homework Help: Indiana


Indiana It's My State

If you have Indiana homework this page will help you get started tracking down facts and finding information about Hoosiers, even the ones that aren’t that famous. The page is divided into five sections:

  • Facts
  • Images & Project Ideas
  • People
  • Landmarks
  • Stories Set In Indiana

Each section includes a list of books and websites. Pay special attention to the “Images and Project Ideas” Section – listed here are places to find Indiana photos online, pictures of Indiana artifacts and even instructions for drawing Indiana pictures.





How to Draw Indianas Sites and Symbols Great Lakes States Crafts




Bill Peet Madam CJ Walker Major Taylor Ernie Pyle


Indiana University: Indiana Authors Database – A searchable database of the book, Indiana Authors and Their Books, published by Wabash College in 1949, 1974, and 1981. The encyclopedia covers nearly two hundred years of Indiana’s literary history (1816–1980).







The Bears of Blue River The Beef Princess of Practical County Bernie Macgruder and the Bats in the Belfrey Blossoms on the Roof
Chasing Orion Chrsitmas After All The Dark Didnt Catch Me A Girl of the Limberlost
A Halloween Scare in Indiana Help Im Prisoner in the Library Here Lies the Librarian Honey
Izzys Place The Mighty Miss Malone My Brother Abe A Place Called Freedom
Running Out of Time The School at Crooked Creek
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Young Hoosiers 2015-2016

Young Hoosiers 2015-2016

Picture Book List

***WINNER The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt with 9,364 votes.***

Ben Rides On Cowpoke Clyde Crankee Doodle The Day the Crayons Quit
Eat Like a Bear EIEIO How Old McDonald Got His Farm The Girl Who Heard Colors How to Train a Train
Memoirs of a Hamster Mitchell Goes Bowling Mos Mustache Mr Tiger Goes Wild
My Dream Playground On a Beam of Light Outfoxed Take Me Out to the Yakyu
The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Water in the Park What Floats in a Moat

Intermediate List

***WINNER Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein with 1,048 votes.***

Africa Is My Home Almost Super The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond The Boy Who Loved Math
By the Grace of Todd Daredevil Doll Bones Dorko the Magnificent
Electrical Wizard Escape from Mr. Lemoncellos Library Frogged Gone Fishing
The Great American Dust Bowl How Do You Burp In Space Odettes Secrets The Pet War
Rutherford B Who Was He The Secret Tree The Show Must Go On Wild Born

Middle Grade List

***WINNER Unbreakable by Kami Garcia with 207 votes.***

Far Far Away The Fellowship for Alien Detection The Girl From Felony Bay The Great Trouble
The Heartbreak Messenger The Hidden Summer The Impossible Knife Infestation
Jinx The Living The Lost Kingdom Odettes Secrets
The Right Fight Sasquatch in the Paint The School for Good and Evil A Summer of Sundays
Sure Signs of Crazy The Time Fetch Twerp Unbreakable
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The Dungeoneers

The Dungeoneers

The Dungeoneers

Colm Candorly has eight sisters. Eight’s a bunch of anything, but that’s a whole lot of sisters! They call him cutesy names and steal his underwear and giggle all the time. Colm copes by hiding when he can using superior stealth skills and by teasing them mercilessly, like stealing their brushes and hair pins.

Colm’s dad has it worse – he has to feed and clothe them all. But Colm’s parents make do and are happy doing it, until Colm’s sister Seysha gets sick and their  meager stack of coins isn’t enough to pay for food as well as a doctor. Colm might get annoyed at his sisters, but he can’t stand the thought of any of them suffering. He turns his stealthy brother skills to shady but necessary use heading to the Village Square and “acquiring” a rich man’s purse with his nimble fingers. Colm justifies his actions like Robin Hood would – stealing from the rich to give to the poor. When Colm’s father sees the money he doesn’t see it that way at all and is determined to have Colm confess to the Village Magistrate and return the money. Colm’s father wants him to confess, hoping to save Colm from a more severe punishment – like the removal of his thieving hand!

At just the right moment, in steps Finn Argos, a mystery man who observed Colm’s pickpocket skills in the Village Square and has an idea for how best to use them. Mr. Argos is a teacher; a mentor, looking for an apprentice. He thinks Colm is perfect for the job. Stealthy. Quick. Nimble Fingers. What does Mr. Argos teach? “The Aquisition of Resources.”  In other words, “Thievery.” Finn Argos recruits talent for a guild lead by one Tye Thwoden. The  guild practices dungeoneering, a kind of treasure hunting that pits teams of raiders against the trolls, goblins, and other assorted monsters that guard treasure hidden in dungeons – treasure protected further by sinister booby traps, diabolical wizardry and complex locks. Finn agrees to pay off Colm’s debts in exchange for Colm’s talents – Finn wants Colm to come live at the guild and learn to be part of a dungeoneer team, because all good teams need a crack lockpick wiht nimble pickpocket fingers.

Colm takes Finn up on his offer. Arriving at the guild, Colm is put on a team specifically chosen to work together. Colm’s role is to be the Rogue, picking locks & outsmarting traps. His teammates are:

  • Lena, a warrior girl (who can’t stand the sight of her own blood)
  • Quinn, a stuttering wizard (who has major confidence issues)
  • Serene, a druid who can talk to animals (who is too afraid to talk to animals with teeth)

The four of them, with their talents and fears, become a team in Thwoden’s Legion.

Friends. Adventure. Challenges. Treasure. Glory.

It is as exactly as fun as it sounds.

“Now I’m not sure how a stuttering mage, a swooning barbarian, a timid druid, and a fledgling rogue will play out in the bards’ songs, but I’ve shaped the most brittle iron into a blade so strong it can cut through a behemoth’s hide. So as long as you are members of this guild, we will turn you into dungeoneers, or my name’s not Tye Thwodin.” (page 145)


More Books by John David Anderson:

Standard Hero Behavior Sidekicked Minion


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