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Habitats habitat is the natural place a plant or animal lives. If a habitat changes so that a plant or animal can’t live there anymore and survive, the species of plant or animal either adapts (changes) or moves. Examples of habitats are a cave, a tree stump or a pond. A biome is an area on earth that has a particular kind of climate that supports certain plants and animals. For instance, for a raccoon, a hollow tree might be its habitat. The tree itself is in the forest biome. The forest biome is the place on earth that has the right soil and temperatures for trees to grow.

  • Listen and Read the FREE eMagazine: National Geographic Young Explorer! A Habitat is Home

Biome Websites:

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Biome Books:

Understanding Biomes Amazing Biome Projects Ecosystems How Ecosystems Work


Arctic Tundra Websites:

Arctic Tundra Books:

Arctic Tundra Counting Tundra The Frozen Tundra 24 Hours on the Tundra


the desert

FREE Desert eReading:

Desert Websites:

Desert Books:

Counting the Desert Deserts and Semideserts The Dry Desert


forest in spring

FREE Forest eReading:

Forest Websites:

Forest Books:

Counting Forest Coniferous Forest Temperate Forest The Temperate Forest

Rain Forest:

Life in a RainForest

FREE Rain Forest eReading:

Rain Forest Websites:

Counting the Rain Forest Rain Forests Tropical Forests The Tropical Rain Forest


Who is in the ocean

FREE Ocean eReading:

Ocean Websites:

Ocean Books:

Counting the Ocean Oceans and Beaches The Seashore


A Coral Reef

FREE Coral Reef eReading:

  • eMagazine: Read Right Now! National Geographic Young Explorer!: A Coral Reef (it is the third story in the magazine, not the first one – the reef article starts on page 13.)

Coral Reef Websites:

Coral Reef Books:

The Coral Reef Coral Reef 24 Hours on a Coral Reef


Freshwater Websites:

Freshwater Books:

Rivers Lakes and Streams Lakes and Rivers Fresh Waters Explore Rivers and Ponds


Mountain Websites:

Mountain Books:

Mountains Mountains and Highlands Mountains 2 Mountains 3


Wetlands, Marshes & Swamps:

Wetlands, Marshes & Swamps Books:

Wetlands Marshes and Swamps 24 Hours on the Wetlands Marshes and Swamps 2


Grassland & Savanna Websites:

Grassland & Savanna Books:

Temperate Grasslands Tropical Grasslands Grasslands Sweeping Savannas The Wide Open Grasslands

TAIGA (Boreal Forest):

Taiga Websites:

Taiga Books:

The Forested Taiga Taiga Boreal Forests


Chapparal Websites:

Chapparal Books:

Shrublands Chaparral and Scrub


Estuary Websites:

Estuary Books:

Estuaries A Journey Into An Estuary

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Below are books and websites that will help you get started on your Chemistry Homework. Stuck? Remember you can always call the Rose-Hulman Homework Help Hotline.


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Why Is Milk White Step By Step Chemistry Analyze This Cool Chemistry
The Elements Kitchen Chemistry 2 Chemistry Getting a Big Reaction Amazing Kitchen Chemistry
Its Elementary Mixtures and Solutions Chemical Elements Women in Chemistry
Chemical Engineering and Chain Reactions How to Make a Universe


GaleScience Science in Context: This is a database you can look at with your IndyPL Library Card Number and PIN to find Chemistry Information. Choose the category “Chemistry” to open a whole page of choices. (What’s my PIN?)
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Middle Ages

Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. This period is known for barbarian invasions, the Plague, Feudalism (a social structure of knights, nobles & peasants), Castles & the Crusades.


Non-Fiction Books:

You Wouldnt Want to be in a Medieval Dungeon Theres a Rat in my Soup The Miserable Life of Medieval Peasants Stonemason
Lady of the Manor Dont Let the Barber Pull Your Teeth Medieval Life Meieval Castle Adventures Art
Medieval Science Did Castles Have Bathrooms Good Masters Sweet Ladies You Wouldnt Want to be a Medieval Knight
Archers Alchemists etc The Crafts and Culture of a Medieval Town Arts and Crafts Knights and Castles Castles and Knights
Eyewitness Knight Life During Medieval Times Meet the Medievals The Black Death

Fiction Books:

Run Far Run Fast Beowulf a Heros Tale Retold Chaucers Canterbury Tales Whittington
Crispin The Door in the Wall The Executioners Daughter The Midwifes Apprentice
The Ramsay Scallop Brother Hugo and the Bear
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The Great Depression

The Great Depression

The Great Depression is a time in United States history during which there was a large number of people unemployed. A lot businesses failed because people did not have money to buy anything. The Great Depression started when stock market prices began to fall on September 4, 1929 and crashed on October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday. The Great Depression lasted through the middle of the 1930s.

The websites and books on this page will help you learn about what life was like during The Great Depression. It was a very hard time but many, many people who lived through it remember it as a time when families and friends helped each other and relied on each other for even basic needs look food and shelter.


Non-Fiction Books:

The Great American Dust Bowl The Great Depression Why Did the Great Depression Happen The Great Depression 2
The Great Depression and World War II 1930s Children of the Dust Bowl Migrant Mother
Children of the Great Depression The Great Depression For Kids Welcome to Kits World

Fiction Books:

Letters From Hillside Farm Annie Troubled Times The Great Depression The Carpenters Gift
Moon Over Manifest The Blue Comet Better to Wish My Name is Rachel
The Miners Daughter The Luck of the Buttons Wingwalker


Here are some stories about the Great Depression – the characters all live Indiana:
The Dark Didnt Catch Me The Mighty Miss Malone Chig and the Second Spread Christmas After All
Blossoms on the Roof

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Skeletal System

Skeletal System
skeleton diagram The Skeletal System is made up of the 206 bones that hold the body up.


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Skeletal System Bones Broken Bones Bones 2
Your 206 Bones Your Skeletal System Skeletons and Exoskeletons Body Bones
Bone By Bone Bones 3 Jakes Bones Super Skeleton
The Skeletal System You Cant See Your Bones With Binoculars
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