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The Popularity Papers

The Popularity Papers

The Popularity Papers Book 2

Lydia and Julie think they have a solid plan for popularity and they shared it in their first book: The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang In that book, the girls made it a project to study the popular girls in their elementary school so that they could understand what to do in middle school to be popular. What sports should they play? What color should their hair be? How should they talk? What shows should they watch?

Now, just before the first day of middle school, the girls find out the one thing that could wreck their carefully laid plan…one of them is moving! How can they conquer popularity alone in two different schools…in two different cities…in two different COUNTRIES! It is a popularity crisis of global proportion. Julie will be here and Lydia will be in London for 6 whole months.

Being uber-organized note takers the girls agree to work on their poplularity goals while apart. Julie starts school alone at Hannibal Hamlin Junior High. Her job is to study Della Dawn and the other “Bichons” –  a “club that everyone wants to be in but no one ever gets invited to join.” (page 32) By studying them Julie will figure out how to become a “Bichon”.

In London, Lydia figures out who the cool people are, Victoria and Paulina, but doesn’t really like them. Instead, she decides to befriend Delilah and Nabil. Her goal is to use she and Julie’s careful popularity research to teach THEM how to be popular. THEN, when Lydia returns to America in 5 months, she and Julie will know works and can use it together at Hannibal Hamlin to become wildly popular. Sound like a plan? They think so! Author: Amy Ignatow

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Big Nate Out Loud

Big Nate Out Loud

Big Nate Out Loud

Big Nate is the Wimpy Kid…only not wimpy. Nate is loud and confident and ready to bend the world HIS way. I really laughed reading Big Nate’s books Big Nate in a Class By Himself and Big Nate Strikes Again.

I knew that Big Nate actually started as a comic strip but I had never read it. Big Nate Out Loud is a compilation of several Big Nate comic strips – he is just as funny one strip at a time. Nate even tries to change school to make it more interesting: ”

Mr. Gavin, this worksheet on photosynthesis really isn’t working for me….We want to stop studying photosynthesis and start studying something GOOD!” (pages 57-58)

When that doesn’t work he tries to get Mr. Gavin to laugh. He cracks jokes, even science jokes, but nothing works until one of Nate’s classmates says,

Mr. Gavin, Nate thinks he has a good chance to make the honor roll this term. What do YOU think?” (page 62)

That works! Apparently Nate is not exactly honor roll material! He’s too busy trying to impress Jenny to concentrate on his school work. He also likes complaining and pranks and asking a lot of questions to keep the teacher off topic. If you think about it you’ve probably got someone in your class like Nate already…or maybe that someone is YOU!

Big Nate Series:
1: Big Nate in a Class By Himself
2: Big Nate Strikes Again
3: Big Nate On a Roll (Comes Out August 16, 2011)

Help keep Nate dentention free by connecting Big Nate’s Network:


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Science Comics

Science Comics

The Secret Science Alliance

Genius Julian is psyched to start a new school. He has a plan called “Operation Act Odinary” to finally be someone other than the smart nerd. On the first day of school he resists raising his hand and exclaims, “Only geeks like chess. I hate chess!” On the second day he can hardly stand it and eventually blurts out a complicated physics answer and immediately earns the nicknames “Einstein” and “Brainiac.” He’s the smart kid again and he’s really bummed!

What Julian doesn’t know is that there are kindred spirits in his school…and they’ve been watching him. Watching and waiting. And then they make contact by encoded message, a message only a fellow genius would figure out. Classmates Ben and Greta show up at the rendevous and induct Julian into their covert club, The Secret Science Alliance. They even have a top secret hideout full of high tech toys and gadgets and all kind of parts to invent things with. Look inside their hideout – a smart kid dream come true!

The kids start to meet up everyday after school and on weekends to work on their projects: the stink-o-meter, nightsneak goggles and a hovercraft, just to name a few. When a rival scientist steals their book of ideas and is sure to use it for his evil plans, it takes all of their genius and gadgets to bring him to justice. Author: Eleanor Davis Award: Booklist Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth 2010.

This book is full of colorful, busy, interesting illustrations – it’s a graphic novel so every page is illustrated. There are diagrams of inventions and cutaways so you can see inside things. Make sure you look at some preview pages.

A lot of the pictures look like Rube Goldberg machines. Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist famous for drawing funny, complicated machines that do very simple things…like sharpen a pencil or put toothpaste on a toothbrush. At Rube’s Official Website you can look at a gallery of his drawings. These drawings were inspirations for some of what you see in The Secret Science Alliance. There are lots and lots of details in each picture and the diagrams contain many steps and lots of labels. Purdue has a famous contest each year named after Rube Goldberg. During the contest, students try to build the most complicated machine to perform a simple task. The task for the 2010 contest is…dispensing hand sanitizeer…or course!

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Amelia Rules! The Gym Class System

Amelia Rules! The Gym Class System

The Gym Class System

Amelia and her friends really do rule. Even though these are comic books the characters are not unrealistic but they sure are funny. I laughed outloud reading Amelia and The Gym Class System. It tells the story of Amelia’s first day at her new school.


Things DO get worse…Amelia goes to the principal’s office so many times he says, “I don’t believe I see my wife this often!” Author: Jimmy Gownley

Vol. #1: The Whole World’s Crazy
Vol. #2: What Makes You Happy
Vol. #3: Superheroes
Vol. #4: When the Past is Present
Vol. #5: The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular
Vol. #6: True Things Adults Don’t Want Kids to Know
Amelia Rules! A Very Ninja Christmas
What Makes You Happy
The Gym Class System
Speak Softee To Me
Loosely In Disguise and Frightened
Amelia Vs. the Sneeze Barf

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Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse is still one tough mouse. He’s quick thinking, he’s smart, he takes some risks and lives to tell about it. He’s also got a bit of a temper. Sometimes he chooses not to follow the rules at the Galactic Security Agency and sometimes this gets him into trouble. He saves the day, for sure, but he can’t seem to do it without stomping off to fight a battle his own way or blowing stuff up.

In this second adventure Missile Mouse rescues the alien driver of a transport ship with suspicious cargo. The driver, Lasukus, from the planet Tankium3, has no memory – a device has been planted in his brain to control him. When the device is removed Lasukus teams up with Missile Mouse and Agent 44, a security bot, to rescue Tankium3’s men from an evil overlord as well as the assasin he has hired…none other than Missile Mouse’s arch nemesis, Blazing Bat. Just like in book one, good guys, bad guys, betrayals, aliens, spaceships, explosions…it’s all in here. Author: Jake Parker

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Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium3 from jakeparker on Vimeo.

He holds the book sideways…and there isn’t any talking…but you do get a look inside the book.

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