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Amulet #4: The Last Council

Amulet #4: The Last Council

The Last CouncilEmily, her brother Navin and their bunch of Star Wars inspired friends; humans, robots, animals and elves,  head to Cielis, the home of the Guardian Council of Stonekeepers, a group of the most powerful Stonekeepers. Emily hopes she’ll find help there in her battle against the Elf King.

You want to know the first clue something is wrong when you arrive in a strange city? When your host separates you from your friends. Bad. Instead of getting any help, or even anyone to listen to her fears about the rise of the Elf King, Emily finds herself entered into a competition between Stonekeepers to earn a spot on the Council. It’s a little like Hunger Games actually…kids battling it out in a do or die competition. The problem is, Emily doesn’t WANT to be on the Council and she doesn’t want to fight either. But someone in the group IS looking for a fight and is willing to sell integrity itself to win. Emily might not be looking for a fight, but the fight is looking for her.

Meanwhile, her loyal band of friends is on the hunt for her. You can divide this group, but it won’t last long, and don’t think conquering them will be easy either! Note: Miskit STILL my favorite and he isn’t even IN this volume that much.  I need a loyal pink bunny robot friend with brains. He’s got Emily’s back plus, he knows how to drive and repair space ships…Chewbacca style. Hopefully more of him in #5. Learn how to draw that cutie in the video below. Author: Kazu Kibuishi

Here are the first three Amulet books and one more, The Mystery Boxes…which is edited by Kazu Kibuishi. In this one several different graphic novel authors imagine a story about a mystery box and what might or might not be inside it:
The Stonekeeper The Stonekeeper's Curse The Cloudsearchers Explorer The Mystery Boxes
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Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #1 : School. Hasn’t This Gone On Long Enough?

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #1 : School. Hasn’t This Gone On Long Enough?

School. Hasn't This Gone On Long Enough?

Jamie’s always got something going on. This time she has a letter her math teacher sent home. Let’s just say the letter is not inviting her to be on the math bowl team. Jamie would like her math teacher to just give up:

Mr. Henzy, my math teacher, still seems interested in teaching me math in spite of a great deal of evidence that it can’t be done. It’s kind of cute in a way, like watching a baby try to reach something just outside his crib. A big, mean, boring baby. (page 5)

Instead, Jamie’s parents come down hard. She has to improve her math grade by the end of the next quarter, “or else.” That doesn’t sound good. Luckily Jamie’s got her friend Isabella to help her figure out what to do…Isabella helps by insisting that Jamie do her homework…and by punching Jamie in the arm when she gets something wrong. That’s just the kind of friend Isabella  is. When a quiz reveals that Jamie’s grasp of math is NOT improving, Isabella is NOT happy, and when Isabella’s not happy, NOBODY’S happy. Expecially Jamie, who better do what Isabella says…or else! Author: Jim Benton

Dear Dumb Diary Series:

#1 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
#2 My Pants are Haunted (When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People)
#3 Am I the Princess or the Frog
#4 Never Do Anything, Ever
#5 Can Adults Become Human?
#6 The Problem with Here is That it’s Where I’m From
#7 Never Underestimate Your Dumbness
#8 It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything
#9 That’s What Friends Aren’t For
#10 The Worst Things in Life are Also Free
#11: Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers
#12: Me! (Just Like You, Only Better)

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two Series:

#1 School Hasn’t This Gone on Long Enough?
#2 The Super Nice are Super Annoying
#3 Nobody’s Perfect I’m as Close as it Gets
#4 What I Don’t Know Might Hurt Me
#5 You Can Bet on That
#6 Live Each Day to the Dumbest

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Amelia Rules! #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Amelia Rules! #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Sassy Amelia is back in another book that clearly shows Mr. Gownley remembers EXACTLY what it’s like to be in Middle School and figure out that really, “fair” just doesn’t exist. Amelia’s visiting the principal a little too often again…language, tardiness, mumbling under her breath, constantly testing the boundaries, etc.

Amelia finally asks her teacher, “Mr. Henderson? Can I ask you something? Why on earth would anyone want to be a teacher? I mean seriously…if I had to go to school every day for the rest of my life…I’d go catch a bus with my face.” (page 63)

That Amelia, she holds nothing back! The one thing that IS good about school though, is Amelia’s friends: Reggie, Rhonda, Pajamaman, & Joan…even her new friends on the cheerleading squad. Amelia gets an idea of the meaning of life and what’s important, everyday with her friends. I’d love to go to school with them.

Favorite line? When Rhonda confronts the mean girl who denies ever doing anything mean, “You’re a nightmare! If I were a Jedi, I’d have force choked you a year ago.” (page 118) Whoa!, that Rhonda, she doesn’t hold back either, no wonder she and Amelia are such good friends! Author: Jimmy Gownley

Vol. #1: The Whole World’s Crazy
Vol. #2: What Makes You Happy
Vol. #3: Superheroes
Vol. #4: When the Past is Present
Vol. #5: The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular
Vol. #6: True Things Adults Don’t Want Kids to Know 
Vol. #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

Here are some more kids like Amelia that are trying to figure out life – stories also told as comic books; stories that tell the truth and also make you laugh.
Smile Zebrafish The Secret Science Alliance The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
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Big Nate on a Roll

Big Nate on a Roll

Big Nate on a Roll

Nate ends up in detention again but it isn’t his fault, it’s Artur’s fault. Nate loses his skateboard but it isn’t his fault, it’s Artur’s fault. Nate’s still in love with Jenny but she doesn’t love him back…and IT’S ARTUR’S FAULT.

When Artur misunderstand’s Nate and leads Nate’s archnemesis Gina to believe Nate loves HER…well, that is definitely Artur’s fault and Nate has had it up to HERE with Artur! Artur “Mr. Perfect.” Artur “Mr. Always has the answer the teacher wants.” Artur “Mr. the Guy who is dating Jenny”…which is just WRONG.

When the Timber Scouts announce a new fundraising effort with the top prize being a new customized skateboard, Nate is determined to beat Artur and win that skateboard. Since Nate thinks the wall hangings he’s supposed to sell are lame, he decides to make as much money as he can doing what he wants and then use THAT money to buy enough wall hangings to beat Artur. As Spongebob would say, “Patrick, your genius is showing!” As usual, Nate’s genius gets him into all kinds of trouble! Author: Lincoln Peirce

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Big Nate Series:
1: Big Nate in a Class By Himself
2: Big Nate Strikes Again
3: Big Nate On a Roll
4: Big Nate Goes for Broke (Comes Out March 20, 2012)

If you think Nate is funny, try some of these:
Dog Days Smile Amelia Rules Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday
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Kid Review – The Loser List

Kid Review – The Loser List

The Loser List

When Danny gets caught trying to cross his name off the “Geek” list in the girls’ bathroom, he’s sent to detention. Bullies torment him mercilessly — until they discover that Danny can draw. He enjoys his new “bad boy” status, supplying tattoos and graffiti, until he’s unknowingly drawn into a theft. Turns out the bullies took a comic book from Danny’s favorite store. Can he steal it back before they get caught — and break off with the bullies before he gets in too deep?

Elliott says:

I loved it it was amazing book similar to diary of a wimpy kid.

I totally missed this one Elliott – thanks! If you like reading about Danny and Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid (and while you are waiting for Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6 Cabin Fever to come out…November, 2011) try one of these:
Rodrick Rules Big Nate Smile The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
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