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Gilda Joyce #5: The Bones of the Holy

Gilda Joyce #5: The Bones of the Holy

Gilda Joyce: The Bones of the Holy

If you haven’t read any of Gilda’s other adventures, you should know that she is an experienced psychic investigator and she loves to spy and solve msyteries. Sometimes, she solves mysteries by paying attention to dead people!

This time the mystery is really close to home. When Gilda’s Mom returns from a trip to Florida acting really strange Gilda has no choice but to snoop…er, go clue hunting, in her Mom’s bedroom. What Gilda finds is NOT what she could EVER have imagined. Gilda’s Mom is getting married!

And when said fiance, Mr. Pook, refers to Gilda’s Mom as “Patty-cakes,” well, Gilda can hardly stand it. Who IS this guy and how did he even meet her Mom, let alone want to marry her! Solving that mystery takes some serious guts when Gilda accompanies her Mom to Mr. Pook’s Florida hometown and it’s ghostly past. Could Mr. Pook have something to hide? Something…sinister? Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator is on the case!

Gilda’s four other adventures – The Dead Drop is my favorite:
Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator The Ladies of the Lake The Ghost Sonata The Dead Drop
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43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

Dying to Meet You

This book doesn’t have any chapters in it. It’s a collection of letters and notes with a few newspaper articles thrown in here and there. You have to figure out who is who and what is going on by reading the letters the characters write to each other and by reading the newspaper articles that report the strange happenings at 43 Old Cemetery Road.

Ignatius B. Grumply is a crabby old author with writer’s block who has rented a creepy old house for the summer. He doesn’t know it, but a boy named Seymour is living on the third floor and a ghost lives in the attic – a bossy old lady ghost.

The old man is none too happy when he discovers the boy. Seymour isn’t too happy about the old man either. The two set up a few house rules to keep things from getting ugly:

Mr. Grumply’s Rules:

  • You will not bother me when I am writing
  • You will stay out of my bedroom and bathroom at all times.
  • You will not lurk in doorways or dark hallways.
  • You are not permitted on the second floor, which I have claimed as my own for the duration of the summer.

Seymour’s Rules:

  • You will not tell me what time I have to go to bed.
  • You will not tell me what to eat or when to eat it.
  • You will not play old man music on the stereo.
  • You’re not allowed on the third floor. No exceptions.

And this begins a tentative agreement to help the two get through the summer without all out war breaking loose. They agree to communicate by letter, which is fine, until the old man shoots some accusations at Seymour that are simply not true. The slamming doors, the loudly playing piano, the falling chandalier – none of that was Seymour, that was the ghost!  Mr. Grumply doesn’t believe a word of it and he isn’t at all interested in having a liar for a housemate.

Read the letters to hear them duke it out in writing – the letters are funny exchanges between these people who don’t care for each other at all…at first! Author: Kate Klise Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road

If you liked Dying to Meet You don’t miss the other 3 in  the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, and when you get done with those, try Billy Bones – he’s another ghost in hiding with a fun family. 
Dying to Meet You Til Death Do Us Bark The Phantom of the Post Office Billy Bones a Tale from the Secret Closet
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Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda knows how to maneuver her way into just the experience she wants. This time, she’s fudged on her age just a little to get accepted as a summer intern at The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. (This is a real place you can visit!) She is 14 and eleven months if you want to be picky about it. What’s one more month?

If you haven’t read any of Gilda’s other adventures, you should know that she is an experienced psychic investigator and she loves to spy and solve msyteries. Sometimes, she solves mysteries by paying attention to dead people!

Gilda says, “I decided I would learn everything I could about surveillance techniques, living undercover, and the art of disguise – all the tradecraft used by professional spies. …I admit it: I expected to impress the experts on the Spy Museum staff. After all, who could be better at discovering secrets than a young psychic spy?” She also gets a firsthand look at cool spy gadgets and meets some real spies!

What Gilda doesn’t count on is the number of ghosts that seem to be haunting our nation’s capitol, and in particular the Spy Museum itself! She also discovers that she’s in the spy capitol of the U.S. If she’s spying on everybody else, aren’t they also spying on her?

I have always liked Gilda, an independent thinking, curious, gutsy girl who goes with her instincts.  I think this is my favorite of her adventures so far. She isn’t making this stuff up – she lives her dream!

Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator
Gilda Joyce #2 The Ladies of the Lake
Gilda Joyce #3 The Ghost Sonata
Gilda Joyce #4 The Dead Drop

Talk the Talk Word of the Day: Drop - A location people use to exchange information. One person leaves information in a certain place for another person to pick up. This way, the two people are not seen together.

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The Night Tourist

The Night Tourist

The Night Tourist

After being hit by a car, Jack discovers he can see people, people other people can’t see. The question is, who is real, and who is a ghost? While in New York City, Jack meets Euri, an adventurous, fun girl that is excited to show him the city’s sites. Jack soon discovers that Euri is a ghost who agrees to show him the sites of New York’s Underworld, the haunts and ghosts of those people who have died in New York.

Jack’s mother died in New York.

The possibility of seeing her again fuels Jack’s desire to learn all about Euri’s world of the dead.  Since Jack is alive touring the Underworld, is it possible for him to find his mother…and bring her back to the world of the living? And if Euri can come to the world of the living and find him, why can’t his mother and why doesn’t Euri go find her own family? Author: Katherine Marsh

  • Listen to an Excerpt of The Night Tourist
  • Read Chapter One
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Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

As a little girl, Ali’s mom spent her summers at a Main beach house with her parents and her sister Dulcie. Whenever the beach house is mentioned, Ali’s mom begins to act strange, and Ali’s mom has never wanted to go back to the beach house, even though it sits there, still owned by the family.

One day, Ali finds an old picture of her mom and her aunt taken when the two were little girls. Oddly, a third little girl has been torn from the picture.  Who is that girl? And why won’t Ali’s mom talk about her?

Ali’s mom is not happy when Aunt Dulcie invites Ali to the beach house for the summer. Ali is hoping to relax, far away from her mom’s over-protective hovering. One day at the beach, Ali and her cousin Emma meet a little girl named Sissy.  At first Sissy is nice, and seems like a good playmate for Emma, but she soon reveals herself to be an angry, mean little girl who delights in scaring Emma with a story about Theresa, a girl who drowned at the beach about the time Ali’s mom was a kid. A girl whose body was never found. Are you creeped out yet? You will be! Author: Mary Downing Hahn

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