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Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

Bobby vs. Girls

Bobby and Holly have been friends since forever. They know boys and girls aren’t usually best friends and they know their friends at school wouldn’t understand, so they have a strategy they call “The Parting Place”.  They walk to school together everyday, but when they get to “The Parting Place” about a block from their school, Bobby speeds up and Holly slows down…just so they won’t be seen together. It works.

But then the week before fourth grade starts, Bobby starts to notice some weird things about Holly. She starts caring about her hair and misses a traditional rock hunting afternoon with Bobby because she’s going shopping with Jillian. On the first day of school their friendship hits a definite bump in the road:

“Hey Bobby, wait up!” Holly was running to catch up to him.

Bobby stared at her in disbelief. “Why are you wearing that? It’s not Halloween.”

Holly smoothed the sleeve of her light blue dress. The big white bow around the waist reminded him of toilet paper. “It’s new,” She said proudly, “Do you like it?”

Bobby shook his head. “Nope.”

Oh, man. NOT smooth. And it’s downhill from there!  When Bobby and Holly are both nominated to run against each other in their class election for Student Council Representative an all out boys vs girls war begins. What’s the best strategy when your arch rival knows your weaknesses and all your secrets? Game on! #Stand4Peace Author: Lisa Yee

  • Read Chapter 11 Bobby vs. Girls
  • Read an Interview with the author Lisa Yee
Bobby isn’t the only boy mystified by girls. Alvin Ho is allergic to them! Holly isn’t the only girl mystified by boys. Here are some more funny books that showcase the battle between boys and girls, + another Bobby book, Bobby the Brave (Sometimes).
Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls Fudge-a-Mania Emma Jean Lazarus Fell in Love Bobby the Brave
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This Means War

This Means War

The Means War

Juliet and Lowell are best friends. Well, until this year, when Lowell started hanging out with Mike, Tommy & Bruce doing things they are sure a girly girl won’t like. Juliet is so mad at Lowell – her FORMER best friend.  She finds some kindred spirits in Patsy, Annette, & Linda. The other girls are none too happy about being labelled scaredy-cat sissies either who only have tea parties and won’t get dirty.

The kids get in a verbal war over just what “girl stuff” and “boy stuff” is. The boys are sure that “girl stuff” means painting fingernails, NOT go-carts. The girls think they can paint anything, including go-carts.

Juliet: “We ride bikes and we play baseball and we run just as fast as boys do.”

Patsy: “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Girls can do anything boys can do! At least I can!” (page 59)

The kids agree on a nine day contest, boys versus girls. Each day is a different challenge and whichever side wins the most challenges wins the contest. As the days go by the challenges get harder and harder; the kids daring each other to push themselves to the edge of their abilities…and their courage. Author: Ellen Wittlinger

Here are some more books about battles between boys and girls. This Means War takes place in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis…a time when two countries, the U.S. and Russia, were locked in a similar battle of wills. Countdown is about kids during this time too – also a very good story.
Bobby vs. Girls The Boys Start the War The Girls Get Even Countdown
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Staff Pick: Zita the Spacegirl

Staff Pick: Zita the Spacegirl

Zita the Spacegirl

It’s just a normal day for Zita and Joseph, until they come upon a crashed meteor. Zita decides to investigate, discovering a strange button. She presses it, and Joseph is pulled through a portal. At first frightened, Zita becomes determined to save her friend. She presses the button again, finding herself pulled onto an amazing planet, full of alien creatures and alien ways. In her quest, she meets many interesting new friends. This is a wonderful story about friendship. Beautifully drawn, this is hopefully the first of many adventures for the feisty, smart, and resourceful Zita the Spacegirl.

(by: Beth Pintal, Nora Library)

More Staff Picks

If you like Zita here are some more space adventures full of action and friendship. Missile Mouse is impulsive and takes action, just like Zita. Wondla has a lot of space action too but will make you laugh and cry both. If you like Zita’s robots try Amulet: The Stonekeepr, very cool tranformer-like robots. Smekday is especially funny with a sassy main character who takes on the aliens without flinching a bit.
Missile Mouse the Star Crusher The Search for Wondla The Stonekeeper The True Meaning of Smekday




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The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

Eva Nine has lived inside an underground bunker her entire life with only her Muthr (Multi-Utility Task Help Robot zero-six) for company. Muthr has been programmed to take care of Eva Nine. If you have a lot of brothers and sisters at home maybe this sounds pretty good – a robot to see to your every need and provide constant entertainment. But Eva Nine is lonely. And bored. And she wants to go OUTSIDE. She wants to know most of all, “is there anybody out there somewhere, like me?”

When the bunker is attacked by an alien Eva Nine gets exactly what she wants. She’s outside and she’s not at all alone, although now she kind of wants to be! Outside the bunker live fantastic over-sized creatures – some want to be her friend, but some want to eat her.  Eva Nine does the only thing she can think of, she sets out toward the only other place she has ever heard about that might have humans in it. A Star Wars – like adventure with a likable hero who has funny, loyal robots and aliens for friends. Author: Tony DiTerlizzi Tony co-wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles with Holly Black. Wondla is full of his great illustrations and if you have a webcam…the book includes directions for using it to enhance those illustrations. (See second video below.)

  • Wondla Official Website
  • The Search for Wondla on CD
  • Read Chapter One The Serach for Wondla (Listen to actress Teri Hatcher read an excerpt – third video below.)

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    The Grimm Legacy

    Ledger Kale is a young cousin of Mibs Beaumont from the book Savvy. If you’ve read Mibs’ story, you understand that their family is pretty special. In Mib and Ledger’s family, turning 13 is more than just growing into your natural talents, like playing the violin or scoring soccer goals or being good at listening to other people’s troubles.

    In their family turning thirteen means growing into your savvy. A savvy is a kind of magical power: one of their aunts can step back in time, a cousin can melt ice with a single red-hot stare and another can levitate things. Ledger’s mom, when she tells you something you have to obey, whether you want to or not!

    Getting a savvy is kind of exciting, but kind of scary too because these talents, however magical, are also dangerous. Ledger’s savvy comes and he is a one man wrecking ball. Light switches, toasters, televisions, & motorcycles explode in his presence. This power isn’t exactly what Ledger had in mind! Ledger takes refuge on the family farm to give himself time to adjust to his newfound savvy, he needs to learn to scumble, or control it, to keep the rest of the world safe from his unintentional demolitions.

    When a local cub reporter, Sarah Jane Cabot, finds out about Ledger’s secret talent he is sure his destructive powers will destroy his family too. Sarah Jane can’t be allowed to make his savvy a newspaper headline! What’s the best thing you can do when a person has found out a secret about you? Well, find out a secret about THEM, of course. Author: Ingrid Law 

    If you like reading about Mibs and Ledger and their over-the-top talents, try the adventures of Rapunzel, Calamity Jack or some of the other tall tale inspired characters in Lies and Other Tall Tales. They give “Go big or Go Home” a whole new meaning!
    Savvy Rapunzel's Revenge Calamity Jack Lies and Other Tall Tales
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