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2013 Newbery Medal Winner: The One and Only Ivan

2013 Newbery Medal Winner: The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan

Ivan the gorilla lives at the Exit 8 Bigtop Mall and Video Arcade. Ivan lives in a small glass domain with nothing but a food bowl, a stuffed toy and a television…and the humans that come and press their faces to the glass and point and stare. The zoo owner sometimes gives Ivan a crayon or paint. Ivan  likes to draw pictures.

I am Ivan. I am a gorilla.
It’s not as easy as it looks.
People call me the Freeway Gorilla. The Ape at Exit 8. The One and Only Ivan. Mighty Silverback.
The names are mine, but they’re not me. I am Ivan, just Ivan, only Ivan. (pages 1-2)

Doesn’t that remind you of Harry Potter when he says to Hagrid in the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, “But I’m just…just Harry!”

Ivan does have a couple friends, an old elephant named Stella and a stray dog named Bob that sneaks into Ivan’s cage every night to sleep on his warm belly.  The three of them get by. They don’t talk much about what could be better, they just deal with every day. When the Exit 8 Big Top owner realizes attendance is way down he buys a baby elephant, a terrified baby elephant named Ruby, to make more people want to visit.

We’ve got a new arrival. This is Ruby, folks. Six hundred pounds of fun to save our sorry butts. This gal is gonna sell us some tickets.” (page 69)

Ruby’s arrival makes Stella and Ivan see their situation in a different way. Stella, in particular, can’t stand the idea of Ruby growing up at the mall. While Ivan and Stella have grown old and gotten to the point where life at the mall is good enough, they don’t think life at the mall is good enough for Ruby.  So, in the spirit of Charlotte’s Web, Ivan hatches a plan hoping to save Ella from a lonely life at the mall, a plan that just might save the others too. You’ll cry and cheer both. It’s cool to see Ivan get his Mighty back. He isn’t just Ivan. He’s Ivan the Mighty Silverback. Author: Katherine Applegate

Ivan’s story is based on a real gorilla that lived for 27 years in a mall zoo but now lives at Zoo Atlanta in a habitat made especially for gorillas. Ivan will turn 50 this year! You can read about him and the effort it took to move him to his current home.

The One and Only Ivan Web Comic Used With Permission:

Unshelved strip for 7/5/2013

If you like Ivan here are some more stories that imagine what life would be like from the animal’s point of view. We can never really know of course, but it IS interesting to imagine. You also might like to read about the gorilla Koko. Koko learned sign language, which makes you wonder if we CAN learn a little about what animals think. The last four books are about scientists who study gorillas in the wild or in captivity. Really, really fascinating. And I’m warnin’ ya…the animal stories will make you cry, just like Ivan. If you have a pet you’ll go hug it and think more about your responsibility and what it means to have an animal friend.
Charlotte's Web A Dog's Life Black Beauty Whittington
Koko Love Koko's Kittens Gorilla Doctors Dian Fossey
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This is the fascinating story of one bird. He is a rufa red knot and his name is B95. His name is the number on the band scientists put on his leg. B95 is about the size of a robin, a bird we see a lot here in Indiana. B95 and the other red knots are migratory. That means they move in the Spring and Fall in search of food and nesting grounds. Red knots are AMAZING because they migrate from the South Pole…to the North Pole, and back again. That’s a long way!

B95 was banded as a young bird in 1995 when he was thought to be at least three years old. Each year scientists try to capture and band red knots to study their habiits. Amazingly, B95 has been re-caught in 2001, 2003, 2007 & 2009. He is thought to be around 20 years old. Scientists think has has flown more than 325,000 miles in his life…the distance from the moon and almost halfway back. And he weights 4 ounces!

This book is a really fascinating look at the scientists who study the red knots and also B95 himself. Each year, the scientists hope, hope, hope to see B95 again. He is a superbird – a true survivor! Author: Phillip Hoose

The Race to Save the Lord God Bird North the Amazing Story of Arctic Migration The Amazing Animal Journeys Incredible Journeys
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Survivors #1: The Empty City

Survivors #1: The Empty City

The Empty City

Erin Hunter, the author of the wildly popular Warriors series about cats has announced a NEW series featuring dogs called Survivors. Book one, The Empty City, comes out TODAY.

“In the aftermath of the Big Growl that destroyed his city, a Lone Dog named Lucky must find a way to work with other dogs in order to survive in this frightening new world.”

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Staff Pick: One Dog and His Boy

Staff Pick: One Dog and His Boy

One Dog and His Boy

When lonely, ten-year-old Hal learns that his wealthy but neglectful parents only rented Fleck, the dog he always wanted, he and new friend Pippa take Fleck and four other dogs from the rental agency on a trek from London to Scotland, where Hal’s grandparents live. Author: Eva Ibbotson

“Fleck and Hal know at first sight they are one dog and his boy. The adventure begins when parents, then criminals, and even tracker dogs named Darth and Terminator conspire to keep them apart. Four other dogs and an assortment of humans, including a circus, come to the aid of Fleck and Hal. There are miles and miles of surprising and funny adventures as Hal and Fleck go ‘on the run’ away from their pursuers and toward their happy ending and the happy endings of each of their protectors, human and canine.”

Recommended by Barbara Obergfell – Outreach

More Staff Picks

More great books if you love dogs::
Everything for a Dog A Dog's Life Shiloh The Incredible Journey
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60th Anniversary of Charlotte’s Web

60th Anniversary of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's WebSixty years ago, on October 15, 1952, E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web was published. It’s been a favorite ever since.

If you like Wilbur and Charlotte and the rest of the animals in Uncle Homer’s barn, you might like some of these stories that give animals voices and give YOU a peek into their world. I wonder every day what my dog might be thinking. I like these stories that imagine what an animal might think and if it could talk, what it would say to its friends. I especially like these stories when the animals become a character I can love. Who would have thought a spider could be as lovable as Charlotte? In these stories mice, a cricket, a cat, a rabbit & even a gorilla let us know what might be going on in their furry heads and in their beating hearts (which is what they have in common with US!)

The One and Only Ivan The Cricket in Times Square Babe the Gallant Pig Bunnicula
Catwings Stuart Little Abel's Island I Freddy
Ben and Me The Mouse and the Motorcycle Whittington
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