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KIDS eReading Room

KIDS eReading Room


You can now easily find eBooks and eAudio in the NEW! KIDS eReading Room at imcpl.org. Check them out with your library card just like printed library books.  The collection includes such favorites as:

  • Judy Moody and the Magic Treehouse series
  • C.S. Lewis, Lemony Snicket, James Dashner, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter
  • Comic and graphic novels, Humor, Mystery, Science & Nature, Science Fiction, & Fantasy

Library eBooks are compatible for downloading on most eReaders, tablets and mobile devices running the free Kindle app, as well as smartphones, iOS and Android devices. Using your Library card, you can download up to 25 items at a time for loan periods ranging from 7 to 21 days or access items from your browser.

Titles available include:

MeetGecko Sounder CrissCross Stink
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2014 WrestleMania Reading Challenge

2014 WrestleMania Reading Challenge



Are you ready to become a reading superstar? We Give Books, WWE and the Young Adult Library Services Association have teamed up to bring you the WrestleMania Reading Challenge. Take part by reading a book or writing an essay about your favorite book to earn a chance to win a trip to WrestleMania 30 and a chance to meet a WWE Superstar! There are also awesome prizes!

The  WrestleMania Reading Challenge  is an annual online reading and writing contest designed to encourage kids to read and help to build a lifelong love of reading. Beginning in January and running through February, students, ages 4-18, can participate at  WWEReadingSuperstar.com. Children ages 4-12, along with their teachers, parents, and caregivers, can read books online for free and virtually connect with WWE Superstar Reading Buddies. Students ages 13-18are encouraged by WWE Superstars to read a book and submit an essay about why they love to read. Both age groups are eligible to win great prizes.

Kids age 4 to 12, along with an adult such as a
teacher, parent, or caregiver, can take part in a few
simple steps!
1. Enter your child’s birthdate to access the challenge at  WWEReadingSuperstar.com.
2. Select a WWE Superstar Reading Buddy.
3. Start reading!
4. Enter your  email address when you reach
the end of the book and you will receive an email
from us to confirm your official entry.

If you are a student age 13-18, the steps are similar.
1. Enter your birthdate to access the challenge at  WWEReadingSuperstar.com.
2. Select a WWE Superstar Pen Pal.
3. Read a book!
4. Write an essay about your favorite book and convince
your Pen Pal to read it too!
5. Submit your final essay and enter your email address
to complete your entry.

If wrestling isn’t your thing…be sure to visit  We Give Books anyway – they have a whole library of free books for kids to read online!

  • More books from IndyPL to read online with kids Right Now!
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Miscible Molecules: Lava Bottle

Miscible Molecules: Lava Bottle

Find More Science Experiments

Sometimes when atoms come together to form a molecule, one end of the molecule has a positive charge and one end of the molecule has a negative charge. When this happens the molecule is a polar molecule. Molecules that do not have two electrical poles are called non-polar molecules.

This experiment will  show you how polar molecules and non-polar molecules behave when added together. If two kinds of molecules are added together that are both polar molecules, they will mix. They are miscible. Miscible means that the two things can mix together. If two non-polar molecules are added together they will also mix and are miscible. However, if a non-polar molecule and a polar molecule are added together, they will not mix together. This is called imiscible. Imiscible means that the two kinds of molecules CANNOT mix together.

What You Need:srpalkaseltzerdog

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Food coloring
  • Measuring Cups
  • Alka Seltzer

Fill the bottle about 3/4 of the way up with vegetable oil. Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water. Now add some drops of food coloring. Close the cap on the bottle and shake it up. What happens?

Break the alka seltzer tablet in half. Open the bottle and drop in one half. What happens? Once the bubbles settle down drop in the other half. What happens again?

Water is a polar molecule. Vegetable oil is a non-polar molecule. These two substances do not mix together, they are imiscible (they will not mix together). That’s why you see the blobs of water bobbing around in the oil. Food coloring is a polar molecule so it WILL mix with the water. The water and the food coloring are both polar molecules will mix together. That’s why the water blobs turn the color of the food coloring and the oil does not.

The alka seltzer just makes the bottle more fun because it makes the colorful water blobs move without shaking the bottle. The alka seltzer tablets dissolve in the the water and make carbon dioxide gas (like we saw vinegar and baking soda do in the Exploding Ziploc experiment). The carbon dioxide gas bubbles attach to the colorful water blobs and make them float to the top of the bottle. When the gas bubbles pop there is no gas bubble to hold up the water blob, so it slowly floats back down to the bottom of the bottle.

Here are some website and books that will give you good directions for making your own lava bottle and understanding molecules and polarity:

Science Rocks Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Super Simple Things To Do With Bubbles Atoms and Molecules

Science Experiment Idea: Make several different lava lamps using different liquids for the water. Try vegetable oil and water, like our experiment today. Then try vegetable oil and rubbing alcohol or vegetable oil and orange juice or vegetable oil and olive oil. See if you can determine which substances are miscible when added together. Which ones make a good lava lamp and which ones don’t?

Words to Know:

Polarity – When atoms align.
Atoms - The smallest, most basic unit of matter. An atom is made up of a nucleus surrounded by electrons.
Molecules - At least two atoms held together by a chemical bond.
Polar Molecule - A molecule that has two opposite electrical poles. One end of the molecule has a positive charge and one end of the molecule has a negative charge.
Non-Polar Molecule – A molecule that does not have opposite electrical poles.
Miscible – Able to mix when added together.
Imiscible – Not able to mix when added together.

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Indiana Black History Challenge 2014

Indiana Black History Challenge 2014


Indiana Black History Challenge – Learn about outstanding black Hoosiers in medical care and advocacy and test your knowledge by taking the online quiz. The first 5,000 entrants will receive two tickets to the Indiana Experience, and 30 lucky players will receive four tickets to see the Indianapolis Indians. One winner will receive the grand prize – an overnight stay at the Omni Severi Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, four tickets to The Children’s Museum and a household membership to the Indiana Historical Society, which includes free year-round Indiana Experience admission.


More Info Guides about Black History:

If you like reading about the story of America and African Americans try these::
Traveling Experience Miles Powerful
Crafts Woodson Moving Job
Marching Culture Come Color
Handy Harlem Sugar Courage
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