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Happy Star Reads Wars Month!

Happy Star Reads Wars Month!

star-wars-readsStar Wars Reads is an annual series of event in October that get the whole country reading about the Star Wars Universe, all at the same time. But you don’t have to wait for a special day, you can have reading adventures with your favorite Star Wars characters EVERY day. There are picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, music files, craft books and more. Below you will find all kind of books, printables and activities to celebrate our favorite Star Wars characters.

Websites & Activities:

a9e0189dfb161847384ea6bf29be9adec478c290 Star Wars C3PO R2D2 SWRD_Activities_The_Force_Awakens1
Star Wars Group Star Wars Millennium Falcon Star Wars ATAT


Use Your Library Card to Borrow Free Music: Directions

Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace Soundtrack Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi
Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars VI The Return of the Jedi Star Wars The Clone Wars Soundtrack Freegal Headphones 150

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Museum Artifacts:

Han Solo in CarboniteHan Solo in Carbonite – This replica of the original Han Solo prop was made from the actual molds created for the Star Wars films. In The Empire Strikes Back, the character Han Solowas captured by bounty hunter Boba Fett. Solo was flash-frozen in carbonite-alive, yet entombed. He hung as a trophy on Jabba the Hutt’s wall until being rescuedby his Rebel friends in the film, Return of the Jedi.

Millenium FalconStar Wars Millenium Falcon & Two Figures – Never tell me the odds! could well be Han Solo’s motto. Not the fresh faced hero of George Lucas’ film, Lucas considered Han Solo “a loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good.” From smuggler to general for the rebel alliance, Solo along with fellow adventurer Chewbacca formed a team in the classic tale of good versus evil which blended the best of old-fashioned cliffhangers and science fiction with groundbreaking special effects. This 1981 toy Millennium Falcon was made by Kenner. Toys released after Star Wars in 1977 launched the trend of “mega-marketing” major movies with products. A new generation of fans discovered the Star Wars series with the release of episodes I, II, and III between 1999 and 2005.

Picture Books jP:

A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi
Anakin to the Rescue Darth Maul's Mission Star Wars 2

Early Readers jZ:

The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Early Reader Series:

Chapter Books jE & j:

The Princess and the Scoundrel Series: A New Hope
#1: The Princess and the Scoundrel
#2: So You Want to be a Jedi
#3: Beware the Power of the Dark Side
Jedi Academy Series: Jedi Academy
#1: Jedi Academy
#2: Return of the Padawan
#3: The Phantom Bully
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Series: Origami Yoda#1: The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda
#2: Darth Paper Strikes Back 1311499
#3: The Secret of the  Fortune Wookiee
#4: The Surprise Attack of Jaba the Puppet
#5: Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue
#6: Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus
Rebel Force Series: Rebel Force
#1: Target
#2: Hostage
#3: Renegade
#4: Firefight
#5: Trapped
#6: Uprising
Dark Horse Comics Series: Star Wars Dark Horse Comics


Star Wars The Complete Visual Dictionary Lego Star Wars the Visual Dictionary Who Are the Jedi Star Wars Rebels the Visual Guide
The Secret Life of Droids Beware the Sith Star Wars Incredible Vehicles Star Wars Complete Vehicles
Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Lego Star Wars in 100 Scenes Lego Star Wars The Dark Side Star Wars Absolutely Everything You Need to Know
Star Wars Science Fair Book Star Wars Cook Book
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Staff Pick: A Time to be Brave

Staff Pick: A Time to be Brave

A Time to be Brave

David and his family live in Denmark during the Nazi occupation, until September 1943 when their neighbors help smuggle them to Sweden to escape Hitler’s orders to send the Danish Jews to concentration camps. Includes honey cake recipe, World War II timeline, and “the story behind the story.”

“Originally published in Canada and Great Britain under the title, Honey Cake, A Time to Be Brave, this title takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark during the Nazi occupation. The soldiers and their new rules make Denmark’s citizens nervous, especially David Nathan who struggles to understand how he can be courageous during this period. David is asked to keep a secret that may get him and his family into trouble with the Nazis, but if he is brave it could save many lives.

This story was a straightforward and uncomplicated look at the Nazi occupation from a Jewish family’s perspective. Stuchner makes it easier to process the information at the reading level this book is directed towards, making it a good introduction to World War II without being too heavy for young readers. Part of the Stepping Stones chapter books, this title puts the reader in David’s place and shows us how confusing the Nazi occupation might be to a younger child with just enough danger to remind them that he lives in a war zone. This is a great story for children interested in a simple look into this time period.”

Recommended by: Stephanie Roell – Haughville Library

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Staff Pick: Gregor the Overlander

Staff Pick: Gregor the Overlander

Gregor the Overlander

While searching for the Rat with the Human Face, friendships fray as club members Dave and Lyle compete for Marilla.

The first book in THE UNDERLAND CHRONICLES juvenile series is GREGOR THE OVERLANDER. It is the story of eleven year old, Gregor, and his two year old sister, Boots, who accidentally fall down an air duct and find themselves in a whole new underground land. This world is filled with all kinds of giant talking creatures- rats, spiders, bats, and even cockroaches. Collins uses as much detail as she does in her teen series, THE HUNGER GAMES, published five years later.

Recommended by: Karen Perry – Franklin Road Branch

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Staff Pick: Lunette the True Story of the Tooth Fairy

Staff Pick: Lunette the True Story of the Tooth Fairy

Lunette the True Story of the Tooth Fairy

Lunette is a little fairy with a big dream. A dream to be brave, clever, and kind–and to help her home of Moonglow Glen to shine a little brighter. Little Lunette has many talents–sewing, collecting shiny things, and making friends. But she can’t quite see how these things will help her become something truly special. Then, one day, she meets a human boy who’s quite scared to lose his first tooth. Through their friendship and a little fairy magic, Lunette discovers her unique talent and changes the world forever.

Once upon a time there was no Tooth Fairy. Children lost teeth and no one collected them. Lunette was a young fairy who had not discovered her talent and wished she could do something great. She wanted to make her little home of Moonglow Glen a better place. Also, Lunette just wanted to be herself. Upon finding a human friend Lunette does exactly what she set out to do: be herself. Was being herself enough? Did she make Moonglow Glen a better place? To find out read this tale of the Tooth Fairy and how she came to be.

Recommended by: Kamara Shonhai – Spades Park Library

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