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Kid Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series

Kid Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series

The Lightning Thief

This summer, I blogged about the last book in the Percy Jackson & The Olymians series, The Last Olympian. Kids can’t seem to say enough about Percy. Here is what a couple kids had to say about the first book in the series, The Lightning Thief:

This book and the series that follows it is just- awesome. I really recommend this book for someone who might love greece- mythology- or action. This book is written from a twelve year olds point of view ( but the author is much older) and he turns out to be the son of Posiedon the Water God. There are 6 books and they all follow each other up with more action and exitement any other book can show you. I love this book and you might too. Author: Rick Riordan Reviewed by: Emma

i love this book. just because it is about greek myhtology, doesnt mean that it is boring. it informs you with so much, yet it is so fun to read. rick riordan made an amazing book, and we should all be proud. greek mythology is something that is very special, and no one really pays too much attention to it. but this book reunites all greek mythology fans. from god to gorgon! from satyr to cyclops! be proud of what this world has made. Author: Rick Riordan Reviewed by Emily

The Last Olympian

And finally, a kid word about The Last Olympian. The Last Olympian is so cool let alone the rest of the series! Reviewed by: Storm

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  • Blue Trident Fan Site
  • #1: The Lightning Thief on CD and Downloadable Audiobook
    #2: The Sea of Monsters on CD and Downloadable Audiobook
    #3: The Titan’s Curse on CD and Downloadable Audiobook
    #4: The Battle of the Labyrinth on CD and Downloadable Audiobook
    #5: The Last Olympian on CD and Downloadable Audiobook

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    Kid Review: Bud Not Buddy

    Kid Review: Bud Not Buddy

    Bud Not Buddy

    This is a very good or I mean a very interesting book. It talks about a guy that lived in an orphanage, until one day the Amos’s adopted him. Author: Christopher Paul Curtis.” Reviewed by: Katherine

    Bud’s life with the Amos’s is tough and he eventually decides to run away. Bud has some clues about who he thinks his father is and is determined to find him. This book won the The Newbery Medal AND the Coretta Scott King Award in 2000. Author: Christopher Paul Curtis

    Another really excellent book by Christopher Paul Curtis is Elijah of Buxton. Read the blog post about that one.

  • Read Chapter One from Elijah of  Buxton
  • Listen to an Exerpt of Elijah of Buxton
  • Watch a video interview with Christopher Paul Curtis
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    Kid Review: Down the Rabbit Hole, an Echo Falls Mystery

    Kid Review: Down the Rabbit Hole, an Echo Falls Mystery

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    It was a good book that kept me reading. It was kind of a mystery. Mostly it was about a girl solving a crime. Reviewed By: BookWormKid Author: Peter Abrahams Series: Echo Falls Mystery

    The Echo Falls Mysteries star eigth grader Ingrid Levin-Hill, a girl who idolizes Sherlock Holmes and solves mysteries in her home town of Echo Falls. In Down th Rabbit Hole, Ingrid’s mystery solving life is turned on end when she becomes the target of a murder investigation. Down the Rabbit Hole was a Young Hooser Book Award Nominee for 2008-2009 for 6-8th graders. You can keep following Ingrid’s adventures in her next two adventures. In Behind the Curtain, Ingrid uncovers an athletic scandal at her local high school and in Into the Dark, she fights to clear her Grandfather’s name when a body is found on his farm.

    Behind the Curtain

    Into the Dark

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    Ramona and Her Father

    Ramona and Her Father

    Ramona and her Father

    Ramona’s life is going along really well, until one day when her parents are acting a little strange. Ramona and her sister overhear an odd conversation. “…mother and father were no longer talking. Silence filled the house. …There was something unnatural about this silence. Uneasy, they waited for some sound, and then their parents began to speak in whispers.” Ramona knows that whispering is not a good sign. It turns out that Ramona’s Dad has lost his job.

    Ramona, being Ramona, has some big ideas – like earning a million dollars by being in a television commercial. For his part, Ramona’s Dad  takes a job he really doesn’t like. When that doesn’t work he goes back to school, but then can’t find the job he’s looking for. Eventually, he takes a job as a grocery store manager, which isn’t perfect, but good enough.

    When Ramona asks him when they will be a happy family again, he tells her they already are a happy family, that sometimes challenging things happen, even in a happy family like theirs. He is a great lesson for Ramona, and for us. Sometimes things aren’t perfect, but they are good enough. And if you look real hard, you can always start a new list of good things – different things, but still good things. Author: Beverly Cleary

    Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

    You probably remember reading Mike Mulligan when you were younger – he’s a perfect story to think about if you are looking at a big change. Mike and Maryann lose their job digging. They move from the city to the country to find a job…and eventually take on an entirely different kind of job…but they are all happy just the same. Mike and Maryann find new friends and a new home. Author: Virginia Burton

    Don’t forget – tomorrow is the last day you can turn in books for points for the summer reading program!

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