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Dear Dumb Diary: That’s What Friends Aren’t For

Dear Dumb Diary: That’s What Friends Aren’t For

That's What Friends Aren't for

Isabella is Jamie’s BFF. If you’ve read any of the other Dear Dumb Diary books you already know this. You also know that Angeline is NOT Jamie’s BFF.

Now, Jamie’s Aunt has gone and done something that’s really wrecked Jamie’s neatly ordered social life. Jamie’s Aunt Carol married Angeline’s Uncle Dan.  Now, they are sort of related. Jamie is not very happy about this new “automoatic” friendship. She still doesn’t like Angeline but they are now thrown together at family events and expected to be friends.

Jamie tries to talk to Isabella about this, you know, get a little BFF sympathy, but Isabella thinks Angeline isn’t that bad and they should all be friends. Jamie is having none of that because…there are only TWO Fs in BFF.

“If you get too many Fs, it doesn’t look like Best Friends Forever anymore. It looks like you’re trying to spell the sound a fart makes. Observe: BFFFFFFFFFF.”

More laugh outloud funny diary entries from the one and only Jamie Kelly. If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, give these a try. Author: Jim Benton

Dear Dumb Diary Series:

#1 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
#2 My Pants are Haunted (When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People)
#3 Am I the Princess or the Frog
#4 Never Do Anything, Ever
#5 Can Adults Become Human?
#6 The Problem with Here is That it’s Where I’m From
#7 Never Underestimate Your Dumbness
#8 It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything
#9 That’s What Friends Aren’t For
#10 The Worst Things in Life are Also Free
#11: Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers
#12: Me! (Just Like You, Only Better)

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two Series:

#1 School Hasn’t This Gone on Long Enough?
#2 The Super Nice are Super Annoying
#3 Nobody’s Perfect I’m as Close as it Gets
#4 What I Don’t Know Might Hurt Me
#5 You Can Bet on That
#6 Live Each Day to the Dumbest

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – Review by Charlotte

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – Review by Charlotte

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

“Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. I can’t wait until two o’clock God. That’s when our dance starts. Do you think I’ll get Philip Leroy for a partner? It’s not so much that I like him as a person God, but as a boy he’s very handsome. And I’d love to dance with him… just once or twice. Thank you God.”

Margaret has to move to new house and start sixth grade in a new school. She has to find new friends. It’s tough, and she talks to God to tell him all about it.

Charlotte Says: All Judy Blume books are amazing my favorite book of hers is Are You There God it’s Me Margaret.

Other Books by Judy Blume:
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret on CD or eAudio
Blubber on CD
Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson
Iggie’s House
It’s Not the End of the World
Just as Long as We’re Together
Starring Sally J. Friedman as Herself on CD or eAudio
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t

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Stormbreaker – Reviews by Billy and Ethan

Stormbreaker – Reviews by Billy and Ethan


I haven’t read Alex Rider yet, but Ethan and Billy have convinced me, I’ve put in a request for Stormbreaker.

“When his guardian dies in suspicious circumstances, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider finds his world turned upside down. Within days he’s gone from schoolboy to superspy. Forcibly recruited into MI6, Alex has to take part in gruelling SAS training exercises. Then, armed with his own special set of secret gadgets, he’s off on his first mission.” Author: Anthony Horowitz

Ethan says: BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!! A spectacular book about spies and high tech gadgdets. AWSOME!!!!!! Read the rest of his stories.

Billy says: Awesome book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alex Rider Gadgets

The Alex Rider Series:
#1 Stormbreaker as a Graphic Novel or on CD
#2 Point Blank as a Graphic Novel or on CD
#3 Skeleton Key as a Graphic Novel or on CD
#4 Eagle Strike on CD
#5 Scorpia on CD
#6 Ark Angel on CD
#7 Snakehead on CD
#8 NEW Alex Rider for 2010 Crocodile Tears we have this on order and you can request it with your library card.

If you like spies and gadgets, try the series S.T.O.R.M about a group of kid spies who also use all kinds of high tech gadgets or try Alibi Junior High, about a former kid spy who tries to adjust to Middle School.
STORM The Infinity Code The Ghost Machine The Black Sphere Alibi Junior High
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The Eyeball Collector

The Eyeball Collector

The Eyeball CollectorHector Fitzbaudly leads a privileged life. He lives in a mansion with his father, wears stylish, expensive clothes and goes to the best school. He and his father are free to spend as much time and money as they wish on their magnificent butterfly collection.

One night, Hector’s father receives a mysterious guest…and from that night forward Hector’s life begins to unravel. The mysterious man knows something about Hector’s father. Hector’s father is willing to pay a steep price to keep the man quiet.

The stress of the secret extracts an even bigger price when Hector’s father drops dead from a heart attack and leaves Hector to deal with the fact that their fortune is actually gone. Turned out into the street, Hector  sets off on his own. He has nothing…except a burning desire for revenge against the mysterious one-eyed guest that Hector blames for his father’s death and for the loss of his father’s fortune. The one-eyed man might be smart, he might be devious, he might have a sinister plan, but Hector is smart too. He can be devious. He can come up with a plan.

Hector follows the one-eyed man to the home of Lady Mandible. Lady Mandible hires Hector to live at the mansion and raise butterflies, giving Hector the opportunity to sneak around at night hoping to find out more about the one-eyed man. Hector discovers some unsavory information about “Lady” Mandible. She collects all kinds of gruesome art and she paints some pictures herself…with blood!

Creepy enough for you? How about this: her guest, the one-eyed man, well, he collects eyeballs. Glass ones, but still…eyeballs. If you like the deliciously macabre (that means shockingly offensive), then you’ll love reading about Lady Mandible. She’s Cruella DeVil without the puppies, and she’ll stop at nothing to get exactly what she wants.

Hector gets quite a dose of sinister and has to decide what to do with his desire for revenge. Should he play the same game as Lady Mandible and the Eyeball Collector…or is there a sweeter revenge? Author: F.E. Higgins

The Eyeball Collector is a gothic story. That means the mood of it is dark and gloomy; very mysterious with strange events and people. F.E. Higgins wrote The Black Book of Secrets and The Bone Magician & The Eyeball Collector. These are not sequels of each other..but characters and places are shared between all the books. If you like them, try The Wolves of Willoughby Chase or The House With the Clock in its Walls. But read early. With the lights on. 
The Black Book of Secrets The Bone Magician The Wolves of Willoughby Chase The House with a Clock in its Walls
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Kid Review – Charlotte’s Web

Kid Review – Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

A review came in yesterday from Claire. She says:

Even though this is a book for kids younger than me, I still liked it. The characters are interesting and seem just like people. Charlotte is one of the best characters I’ve ever read about!

I love Charlotte too, but I think my favorite character is Templeton the rat. It’s Templeton, afterall, that finds words for Charlotte to use in the web. He’s self absorbed, obsesses about food and only helps out when it’s in his best intersets to do so…but he’s also funny, which I always like in a character. What do you think?

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