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Big Nate In a Class By Himself

Big Nate In a Class By Himself

Big Nate

Nate is sure he is destined for greatness. He’s either going to be great playing soccer, playing in his band, playing table football or cartooning. He is NOT going to be great in opera, synchronized swimming, or cat grooming. Nate thinks his greatness will evolve as long as the grown-ups and mind-numbing school don’t wreck his carefully laid plans.

When a fortune cookie predicts “Today, you will surpass all others,” Nate is sure his time has come. Even after Mrs. Godfrey, his teacher, finds his checklist of nicknames he has for her (Godzilla, She Who Must Not Be Named, Queen Kong, Dullapalooza), that one little detention slip doesn’t trample Nate’s belief that his day will have greatness in it. He keeps his chin up even after the next detention slip, and the next…

If you like Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I think you’ll like Nate too. Flip through a few pages by clicking on the “Browse Inside” Icon. You’ll see what I mean. LOL. Author: Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate Series:
1: Big Nate in a Class By Himself
2: Big Nate Strikes Again
3: Big Nate On a Roll
4: Big Nate Goes for Broke
5: Big Nate Flips Out (February 5, 2013)
6: Big Nate In the Zone (Sometime 2013)
7: Big Nate Cracks the Code (Sometime 2013)

If you think Nate is funny, try some of these:
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Rory’s parents make her crazy. They have a lot of rules, especially compared to the parents of other kids. Everytime Rory has asked for something over the last several years her parents have answered, “maybe when you’re twelve.” Everytime Rory’s parents have said this she has written down the request and put it in a box under her bed. Today is the day. Rory is turning twelve. She gets the box out from under her bed and begins oganizing a list of requests for her parants.

Rory has some big things:

  1. Get a cell phone.
  2. Stay home alone.
  3. Get my own screen name so I can IM.
  4. Shave my legs.
  5. Go to the mall with Annabelle and No Parents.
  6. Wear makeup.
  7. Get a pet.
  8. Babysit.
  9. Get my ears pierced.
  10. Get contact lenses.
  11. Attend Natalie Karp’s boy-girl birthday party.

And some small things:

  1. Get my own house key.
  2. Go to bed at 9:30pm.
  3. Drink coffe.
  4. Watch Friday the 13th Part IX.
  5. Sit in the front seat of the car.
  6. Do my homework without anyone checking it.
  7. Pick out my own clothes.
  8. Use the stove, oven, and electical appliances without permission or supervision.
  9. Walk home from school.
  10. Buy lunch in the cafeteria.
  11. Ride an upside-down roller coaster.

Rory does a great job presenting her list to her Mom and Dad – especially the cell phone. Some of her wishes turn out great, but some of them are disasters! How many times have you wished for something and then it didn’t turn out to be quite as great as you expected? What do you think of Rory’s list? Is she asking for reasonable things? Did you have to wait until you were twelve for all of these things? Author: Wendy Mass

If you liked Rory in Finally, you’ll like reading about her 11th year too in 11 Birthdays. Wendy Mass also wrote Every Soul a Star, a story about kids whose lives are turned upside down by some decisions made by their parents. If you like a girl giving you the straight scoop about school and friends try Allie Finkle or Smile.
11 Birthdays Every Soul a Star Allie Finkle Smile
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Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus Book 1: The Lost Hero – Chapters One and Two! Really. Right Now. Today!

Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus Book 1: The Lost Hero – Chapters One and Two! Really. Right Now. Today!

The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan said in his blog on June 1, 2010:

“Right now, there are only “locked” sample chapters from The Lost Hero. Bronze coin keychains, like the symbol above, were given out at BEA  (Book Expo America) with the pass code, and for the present, that’s the only way to unlock the chapters. If you weren’t at BEA, or can’t find someone who got the coin, don’t worry! In a few weeks, we’ll open the sample chapters for everyone.”

Well, guess what, you didn’t have to find someone with a keychain, that someone found you! Thanks to Joe who gave us this terrific bit of information in a comment a few days later…here is what Joe said: “if you go to camphalfblood.com the password is newhero you can read the first two chapters… cant wait”.

I tried it, it worked. 47 pages worth! I couldn’t help it, I read the last sentence in the second chapter. I know, I know, bad habit, I shouldn’t have done that…but oh, wait until you read that last sentence! No! Don’t start there like I did! You’ll ruin it!

Thanks again to Joe! What a great way to start the summer.

The book comes out on October 12, 2010. 

Now I’m going to go read the rest…


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The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

Carter and Sadie are brother and sister. They see each other once a year. Since their Mom died Sadie lives in London with their Grandparents. Carter travels around the world with their Dad, a famous Egyptologist. The kids don’t like each other much and the Grandparents don’t really seem to care much for the Dad. I mean, they’re civil, but they only see each other once year. Mostly, they just get through the visit and move on, waiting it out until the next year.

On Christmas Eve Carter and his Dad are in London to spend their one day of the year with Sadie. Dr. Kane takes the kids to the British Museum. Yawn. As if they haven’t done THAT before. What they really haven’t done is watch their Dad get trapped inside a golden sarcophagus after calling from the dead an Egyptian god determined to destroy the world.

Why would their Dad do that? HOW did their Dad do that? And who is this Uncle Amos that shows up to save them and take them to New York? Why New York? And why do Sadie and Carter have to be together? Another action packed adventure from Rick Riordan. Lots of monsters, lots of figuring out who to trust, lots of previously unknown powers. The action really is non-stop. Once you read this one, let us all know what you think. How does it compare to Percy Jackson and the Olympians? This one is quite a doorstop weighing in at over 500 pages. Not as bad as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at over 700 pages, but still, it’s a big book. The last 100 pages were the best for me and I’m looking forward to The Kane Chronicles #2. I hope it will reveal more about the characters. Author: Rick Riordan Series: The Kane Chronicles

Kane Chronicles Series:

#1: The Red Pyramid on CD Downloadable eBook or eAudio
#2: The Throne of Fire on CD, Downloadable eAudio


If you like this sort of action packed mythological adventure don’t miss Rick Riordan’s first series about Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology. Book 1 is The Lightning Thief. If you haven’t read it ask all your friends about it, chances are one of them has read it. If you like Ancient Egypt, try Theodosia or The Egypt Game.
The Lightning Thief Exploring Ancient Egypt The Egypt Game Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
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Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be Melody. Melody lives in a wheelchair. But that’s not all.

I can’t talk. I can’t walk. I can’t feed myself or take myself to the bathroom. Big bummer. (page 3)

What’s worse is that nobody knows that there is a smart mind inside the body that won’t work. And that mind isn’t just regular smart, it’s brilliant. Melody has a photographic memory for words. She is so full of thoughts she’s about to explode.

In fifth grade Melody’s school finally has inclusion classes and she is able to join her classmates in a “regular” classroom.

They’d probably be surprised to know that I knew all their names. I’ve watched them on the playground at lunch and at recess for years. (page 93)

That part about rips my heart out actually. Up to this point, Melody points to cards attached to her wheelchair to try to communicate. That sure wouldn’t be very many words. That’s like being eleven and only being able to use the number of words that 2 year olds can use. So, say you’re Melody and you’re looking at a clothes magazine with your mom and all you can do is point and say “pretty” if you like something. You can’t say, “that shirt is cool, can I get the blue one? Nikki had one like that on yesterday and I really liked it.” Not the same at all!!!

When a classmate brings in a new laptop Melody dreams of a computer adapted so that she can use it. Melody discovers there IS a computer designed for people like her and when that computer comes into her life and into her classroom, it’s a whole new world for Melody, her parents, her sister and for her classmates too. It is time for all of them to meet Melody, the real Melody. The real Melody is a big surprise, especially to some of the kids in her class.

I’m not trying to be mean – honest – but it just never occurred to me that Melody had thoughts in her head. (page 143)

This book is just plain terrific. I love a book that shows me a character I have never met before, a character I want to know about. How does it feel to be so underestimated? How does it feel to be constantly left out? How does it feel to be talked about in front of your face like you are deaf or can’t understand? Since being like Melody is hard for me to imagine myself, I loved having Melody herself tell me what that’s like.

And I also just liked Melody. She’s strong and stubborn and has a wicked sense of humor. One thing she is NOT, is helpless. It was terrific to meet her. Author: Sharon Draper

If you liked reading about Melody I think you’ll also like Jason in Anything But Typical. Jason writes his own story too. He writes about what it feels like to have autism. Miss Spitfire is about Helen Keller and She Touched the World is about Laura Bridgman. Both of these women were deaf AND blind…but learned to communicate through finger spelling. Both these women learned to read and write and were able to write books to tell other people what it feels like to be a person trapped inside a body that won’t work.
Anything But Typical Miss Spitfire She Touched the World
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