Intermediate ————————————————————

WINNER: How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O’Connor

100 Year-Old Secret All Stations Distress Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls Brendan Buckley's Universe
Dog Diaries Down the Colorado Ellie McDoodle Fabled Fourth Graders
Farmer George Plants a Nation George Washington Carver How to Steal a Dog Materpiece
The Middle of Somewhere My Cousin the Alien Oggie Cooder Pale Male
Pizza Pigs and Poetry The See or Shadows Sequoyah When is a Planet Not a Planet?

Middle Grades————————————————————

WINNERThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Adam Canfield Watch Your Back All Shook Up Battling in the Pacific Bodies from Ice
The Boy Who Dared Cover-Up The Crossroads Diamonds in the Shadows
Finding Stinko Football Hero A Friendship for Today The Girl Who Could Fly
Hunger Games Keeping Score Rapunzel's Revenge Reaching for Sun
Savvy Standard Hero Behavior Summer Ball Who Was First?

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