Beyonders: A World Without Heroes

Beyonders: A World Without Heroes


From the author of the Fablehaven series comes another highly imaginative world full of unique characters and interesting plot twists. I like it when characters are smart – even the bad guys. I like it when things I can’t predict happen and they make perfect sense.

This books starts with a prologue that is a very gripping description of a warrior in a dungeon chained to a wall, suffering both physically and mentally. He is determined not to break and tell his captor what he wants to know.

The prince searched inside for hope or faith and found nothing. Perhaps he should accept the invevitable. He was unsure how much longer he could retain his sanity in this unspeakable place.

The prince raised his head. “I will never serve you. You have defeated me, but you will never own me.” He owed these words to those who had died for him. He owed the words to himself. To be destroyed was one thing. At least he had not surrendered.

“Very well, You were my finest adversary, this I acknowledge. But you will break here. You know this. You have my admiration, but not my pity.” Footsteps retreated, and a door clanged shut with the finality of a tomb.” (page 7)

Wow. That’s harsh. I finished reading the prologue and had to just sit there for a minute. Immediately you can tell that the stakes are high in this battle and that the bad guy is really, really bad. And he’s smart. And ruthless. It’s going to take some special people to defeat him. One of them is Jason, a kid probably a lot like you. He is pulled into a new world like Percy Jackson but has to find his way on his own. Author: Brandon Mull

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