The Trouble With May Amelia

The Trouble With May Amelia

The Trouble With May Amelia

Amelia from Our Only May Amelia is back telling more tales about life on the frontier in Washington in 1900. Amelia is still iving on the farm with six of her seven brothers and a Dad who is pretty convinced girls are worthless.

When Amelia’s Dad finally finds a use for her as translator when he is doing some business, Amelia can’t believe it when he actually says…outloud…for the whole family to hear…”You Did Good, Girl.” 

Her happiness is short lived though when her Dad’s pride in her turns to blame when his business deal goes bad. As if Amelia’s life on a pioneer farm isn’t hard enough, now she has to dig deep and find the strength and confidence to be herself, a girl, in a tough world, alone.  Author: Jennifer Holm

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