The Tapestry #3: The Fiend and the Forge

The Tapestry #3: The Fiend and the Forge

The Fiend and the Forge

This is the third in the series The Tapestry. I had not read book 1 or book 2 and still liked this book a lot and had no problem figuring out what was going on. In fact, it just made me want to read books 1 and 2.

Twelve-year-old Max McDaniels is a student of mystical and magical combat at the Rowan Academy.  In this third adventure Rowan has risen from ruin after a mighty war in book 2 that left Rowan mostly rubble and Max the reluctant warrior hero who was only able to save the people he cares about by letting a powerful magic book fall into enemy hands.

The Academy buildings have been rebuilt but life has not really returned to normal. The Academy has been allowed to re-build but now sits within the kingdom of the demon Astaroth. Six laws have been issued that govern the life of the people living in Rowan. Max is outraged that the demons have set foot in Rowan and isn’t interested in following the demon’s laws either.

Max’s roommate David, a talented and powerful sorcerer, is busy also doing something secret, something secret and very, very dangerous. It’s so secret, David won’t even tell Max about it.

When Max leaves Rowan in an effort to find out more about the outside world since the demon’s have taken over, he finds himself caught in another epic battle. Max and David team up to outwit the demons. These boys might be young, impulsive, inexperienced…but these boys are smart and unafraid, even when demons seem to have the upper hand. If you like heroes who are brave enough to say “Enough!” and take action, you’ll really like Max and David.

I loved Max and his action-oriented approach to problem solving. I loved David and the way his mind understands his enemies and used strategies based on that understanding. These two are a powerful team. Book #4 The Maelstorm, will come out in 2012. Can’t wait for that one.

The Tapestry Series:

#1: The Hound of Rowan Available on CD
#2: The Second Siege
#3: The Fiend and the Forge Available on CD
#4: The Maelstrom
#5: The Red Winter Available Fall 2013

Here are the first two Tapestry books plus two more adventures in worlds where monsters, trolls & demons are alive and well:
The Hound of Rowan The Second Siege The Beyonders The Ring of Solomon
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