Trackers #2: Shantorian

Trackers #2: Shantorian


Adam, Finn, Lewis and Emily (The Trackers) are back in another high-tech adventure, this time getting involved with a secret group that is trying to stop the world’s most dangerous hacker, Shantorian. The problem is, the organization is SO top secret even the FBI doesn’t know about it.

With the help of their new secretive partners, Lazlo and Zara, The Trackers set up a complex online heist to make Shantorian reveal his identity and whereabouts. As the heist unfolds, alliances and friendship start to unravel leaving Adam, Finn, Lewis and Emily in separate FBI interrogation rooms, under suspician for pulling off the largest online banking heist in history. Shantorian? No where to be found. The question Adam needs to answer for himself as well as his friends….who is Shantorian and where is the money? Did Shantorian outsmart the trackers?

Told through a series of police interviews and video transcipts, this technical mystery unfolds like a movie. Intrigue and double-crossing are in there as well as gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets.

This time Adam is sucked in by the competition of it…the fact that he can go head to head with this Shantorian. He gets so caught up in it that he forgets his friends and what they each bring to The Trackers. (He also gets distracted by the beautiful and brillian Zara…which makes things a little tense with Emily!)

For their part, The Trackers get a little supicious of Adam and how close he is working with Lazlo and Zara. When The Trackers are in separate FBI interrogation rooms it really puts their friendship to the test. They are in what is known as “the prisoner’s dilemma” when the police or the FBI separate people suspected of a crime and try to get one of them to talk and betray the other. Threatened with some very serious jail time for the online heist, will each Tracker remain silent and loyal to the group or will their growing suspicians of each other cause a betrayal that will sink them all? As each of them gets more and more tired and hungry tensions increase. It’s really intersting to watch how they behave.

Trackers Book One

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