The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Son of Neptune

Well, I think this cover has fewer clues in it than the last one, but maybe you will notice something important that I don’t see. I liked the title of Chapter One – “Percy”!, but won’t give anything else away until you have a chance to read it too.

Read Chapter One



The Lost Hero
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  1. @Sarah Kate – I think everyone is just waiting for the cover of The Mark of Athena to come out so there is something new to talk about.

  2. And Cabin6Girl!! Just have a message for you! Luckily, I saw your comment on my fanfiction today after not getting on for months! But something told me I should get on and I did and you inspired me to come back! 🙂 haha! I’m so excited though! I kinda missed talking to all y’all!! 🙂

  3. Heyy… I’m Sarah Kate 🙂 I don’t know if any of you remember me haha but I’ve decided to look back here and WOW. My last comment was WAYYY back at the begginning! Hopefully, some of my old pals still remember me and are still here! I remember really enjoying our conversations and I hope I meet a lot of new people, too! 🙂 Anyway, thought I’d just drop by and say hey! AND I LOVE THE SON OF NEPTUNE!! Cannot wait for the next one!! hehe! Ok bye bye! I’ll probably be visiting you guys more often so be on the watch for me! 😉 Love you all! ~~ Sarah Kate <3

  4. @dancer – I will definitely post the video when it becomes available, they said it would take a week, so I’ll keep on eye out for it early next week. I don’t know if The Serpent’s Shadow is good, I am still waiting in line to get it from the library.

  5. @carrie please post the link to that video. by the way is the serpent shadow good?

  6. I listened to the Rick Riordan webcast today about The Kane Chronicles #3 The Serpent’s Shadow. (The archived video will be available next week.) During the webcast he said he THINKS about writing a Kane Chronicles/Percy Jackson mix…but no promises. He also said that after he finishes The Heroes of Olympus his next series will be about Norse Mythology.

  7. Well theres probably only like a month until the MARK OF ATHENA cover and first chapter and blog come out sooo there isnt that long of a wait(:

  8. heeeyyyy i havent been on in 4ever. y athis blog rly isnt about SoN anymore…

    i like jason but i cant say i love him cuz i dont rly know him. i think he is like a california version of percy.

    i cannt wait till demigod diaries comes out

  9. @Cabin6girl its not that i dont likr reyna. I just dont think she is good with jason at all. But i do admire her character. And the conversations on this blog stray bcuz we’ve already talked about the mark of athena alot and until RR gives us more clues and info on the book we arent going to be able to guess about it as much.

  10. @cabin3 i know but once the mark of athena blog comes out it will be better.

    @DaughterOfPoseidon i love jason too(; everyone hates him thought which i dont understand

  11. well im back you guys so i just wanna ask why this conversation is about the hunger games??? Anyway the book is coming out October 2nd. But its not finalized. so bye you guys and I miss the other people like Sarah Kate and SonOfNeptune. We used to be like the parents of this blog and look at what its become.

  12. im a total huge fan of all the ‘HEROES OF OLYMPUS BOOKS’….im in love with jason and i want percy to be my brother…i guess bcuz i love bein in water,swimming,surfing:my fam calls me a mermaid

  13. yeah i learne din social Studies just finshed the hunger games trilogy and im a little diappointed with the end but i guess not every one survives i mean caualties of war are…….. inevitable D: D; D; D;

  14. Did you guess know that Hannibal was a Carthaginian general who tried to defeat Rome? And he had elephants when he made his attack. Thats why Hannibal the elephant is named that! And there was a Roman general named Scipio and he defeated Hannibal. Thats Reynas pegasus name. I never knew any of this but im sure you did but i thought id point it out because i thought it was funny.

  15. Yeah, The Beyonders was really good. You can read about it here: http://w Beyonders #2 The Seeds of Rebellion just came out March 13…waiting for that one to come into my library.

  16. yall dont post something if other people cant understand it. bob, no one understands you. please explain what you mean

  17. @Everyone i read it somewhere but i told you that idk if its true so yeah but i would assume it be somehwere around when the son of neptine came out.

  18. Wered you learn this lovey i mean if rick finished the book you think he would release it earlier i mean were not getting any younger

  19. I can tell you what happen at the end of the book. What happen was that some one is going to you his family and also this was the last sentence in the book. This won’t tell you anything but you et the idea right.

  20. Hey everyone! I heard that the mark of athena is coming out October 2nd!!!!!!!!! Idk if this is true but if it is then its 2 days eariler than the son of neptune! And i heard that it only got rated one star so critics are retardedd.

  21. @danny in the hunger games movie katniss buys the mockingjay pin and gives it to prim on reaoing day and says as long as you have it it will keep you safe they don’t have madge in it

  22. @ every one iam not going to see the hunger games why because its LOOKKS NOTHING LIKE I IMAGINED NOT A POST APOCTOLPTIC HAVEN BUT IT LOOOKS LIKE SOMETHING DR SEUSS CREATED

  23. @lovey143the books are pretty good. hope u hv fun : )

    @annabeth 2 wow for 3 weeks?? thats alot. we got ours the 3rd, 20 days in advance. it will be worth it though

  24. @Chloe Try searching up audiobook on youtube, it won’t be the same as reading it yourself, but this will work.

  25. @Dancer i never read the books but i might go see it. Have you heard taylor swifts song safe and sound for it bcuz its wicked good.

    @Son of the gods yeah ikr! I love you guys as a cyber family even though we probably will never meet. But you guys are the only people who understand my love for pjo, hoo, and mythology

  26. *dancer i was going to go see it but it is sold out for 3 WEEKS where i live so me and my friends are going to see it on spring break

  27. hey i know this is heroes of olympus blog, but whos gonna go see the hunger games movie? i live near charlotte and get to go see it a day early. im so excited. i mean, a day early! the 22nd! im siked…

    srry just had to get that out there

  28. yeah im sorry chloe. i dont know where to find it sorry : (

    @son of the gods ya i see us as one big cyber family. i love u guys (as a cyber family, as a friend)

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