The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Son of Neptune

Well, I think this cover has fewer clues in it than the last one, but maybe you will notice something important that I don’t see. I liked the title of Chapter One – “Percy”!, but won’t give anything else away until you have a chance to read it too.

Read Chapter One



The Lost Hero
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  1. hey cyber people well just 2 let u know i think of y’all as an extended family oh and Chloe i’m sorry i don’t know where to find the entire book online unless u feel like buying it from Barnes and Noble


  3. @high dude i agree with @dancer. You might wanna change your name or people will get the wrong idea. And i thought it was good but very much alike to the lost hero and whateves.

  4. He high dude… It is an epic adventure between Giants and Demigods! Well, at least the start of it…

  5. @Annabeth2 no the next blog will most likely come out in may or when RR releases the first chapter

    @jerry sorry what??????????

  6. i just took a doctrate in percy jackson series……….i want to do so in heroes of olympus to!!!!!!!!!!

  7. well cabin3 just look it up on Google if there isn’t one on there then there isn’t one

  8. THere is this kid in my seminary class that looks exactly like Leo. He is so annoying to, but not in a funny way, he is seriously annoying.

  9. @annabeth 2 impossible Reyna could not be Percy sister because she said her Mom was Bellona

  10. @ danny ya hunger games is pretty good. i think they are both the best in thier own way, they are both very different books. oh, and how do u pre order demigod diaries on a kindle fire?? cuz i tried but they dont have it yet [to preorder]

  11. @ every body im redaing The HUNGER GAMES and its pretty good Not better than pjo though p.s om ordering th demigod diares month after next

  12. @ annabeth2 percy does have sibling Tyso And @ Cabin3 whered you find thta out i always thought from the last olympian and the titans curse percy was a little shorter than annabeth

  13. P.s ive ben reading and percy might not be able to beat jason maybe cause jason didnt have the river styx when he fought kriosbut fightong krios was like super hard for him but percy dispeled hyperion the strongest titan aside from kronos and atlas with some what ease but percy more ripe and was able to beat ares with barely any training so i think percy would win if they were to get down sand fight

  14. Oh and at cabin3 ithink reyna will get over it i mean she only knew for like 3 months well more but she wasnt buddy buddy until they he became praetor shelll probably were her mask be a little hurt then move on

  15. @Carrie
    I just searched up annabeth chace wiki and it was the first link that popped up, and then I pressed on the percy jackson link….

  16. @lovely143 maybe reyna’s roman and percy is greek like Jason and Thlia they are not that alike jason more like percy and thalia is more like reyna but greekish

  17. @cabin3 wow really? ive always imagined annabeth as 5’5 and percy 5’8. ive always seen percy as a little short but not rlly. and its ok, your not short.

  18. K I just found out that Annabeth is 5’9 and Percy is 6’0…..I never imagined them that tall, the average American woman is 5’4-5’6, the average Amercan man is 5’9-5’11, but then again they aren’t really average are they? I’m 15 and 5’5, that just makes me feel short….

  19. @annabeth2 not possible reyna is nothing like percy.

    @cabin3 I think she’ll be dignified bcuz they never really were a couple so she can’t make a big scene.

    @everyone I may not be able to go on as often anymore bcuz my math midterm is coming back to me soon( dont ask why they’re so late bcuz I honestly don’t know) so we all know I will probably fail…so if I don’t come on don’t worry i’ll be back.

  20. and why do you guys think every other kid in the big three has a sibling and percy doesn’t

    maybe rr stoped his book there to reveal percy’s sibling it COULD be reyna maybe bellona is her patron and posideon wanted to keep her safe

  21. @cabin3 think she will react like she care in public but in like her prator house she will be crying

  22. @annabeth 2 im with ya. i like reyna waaaaaaayyyy better then piper. shes more of a leader, more serious, and not so complainy. but however it turns out, ill be happy with it. either would be fine with me.

    @danny o ya!! i am so pumped for the serpents shadow!!! imma have to read the red pyramid and throne of fire again b4 it comes out.

  23. @son of the gods I love that post so much that words cannot describe. Jason and Piper belong together and I swear if rick makes jeyna I will send him hate mail.

    Omg guys guess what? My english class has to read the lightning theif and do a project on it. I’ve already aced this!


  25. the greeks because although the romans are more war like the greeks were far more creative

  26. @danny honestly I think it would be a tie! I know that sounds extremely lame but their fighting styles are foreign to each other and they both have strong warriors.

    @percabeth I think he does it to create suspense but I kinda wish he would write faster.

  27. Do you guys have any clue what the mark of athena is bcuz this prophecy would be easier to decipher if we knew. I think that it could be something like what daedalus had bcuz he killed his nephew or whatever but I don’t believe annabeth would kill anyone she loved…… Anyways let me know of you have anything to say.

  28. anybody pumped for the serpents shadow imean if you go the the kane chronicles wiki and type in percy jackson there will be a list of strange occurences in the both books such as carter seeing a pegusus flying around the empire state building……

  29. @ everyone lets vote if the romans and the greeks were to go to war who would rules are you cant say the greeks or romans beacusa there cooler or something you have to have facts the team with the most votes and reasons Facts as to why there team would win wins

  30. and no offense to anyone who likes piper
    (i like her but not as much as reyna) i don’t think she deserves jason what if it was percy and annabeth situation

  31. @lovely143 i only think percy remembered annabeth because she was his girlfriend jason probably did not remember reyna because they weren’t dating

    @dancer*thanks for agreeing with me

  32. Hey Percabeth here Why wont Rick Riordan just write ONE series at a time that way he could release that series faster. ALSO we would not even be waiting for the other series because it WOULD NOT EXIST

  33. im back yeah and ive been to oh and @lovey jasons gonna get piper because all you have to do is read allo f her chapters in the lst hero

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