The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Son of Neptune

Well, I think this cover has fewer clues in it than the last one, but maybe you will notice something important that I don’t see. I liked the title of Chapter One – “Percy”!, but won’t give anything else away until you have a chance to read it too.

Read Chapter One



The Lost Hero
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  1. @son of the gods yeah ik thats what shes described like but I dont imagine characters unless they look like someone I know which coincidently all the characters do.

    @annabeth2 percy remebered annabeth which is true love and if jason disnt remeber reyna until after they saved juno/hera then he obviously didnt love her and it was hinted in the lost hero that they would probably like each other

    Okay this has nothing to do with the heroes of olympus but taylor swift is literally the most amazing person ever and I only said this bcuz alot of her songs remind me of percabeth and stuff

  2. @lovey143 i know right!! people are all “octvians the bad guy hes so evil hes with gaea bla bla bla” he probably is be we should take the first impression as the lasting one.

    just throwin out theories there guys. i dont want people to die.

    @annabeth 2 ya i agree. i would not want that to hapen to percy and annabeth

  3. Thalia has pale white skin jet black hair she is about 5’4 with blue eyes she always wears a silver charm bracelet and she sorta has that punk rocker attitude

  4. hey guys posted a comment 2 days ago but it didnt’ show up and i forgot what it said but anyway hey and juan it’s nice to see a new name here

  5. @dancer I dont think one will die I think he’ll just pick one(hopefully piper(; ) but anythings possible

    Okay…i have to say this but octavian is not evil! Everyone thinks he’s an annoying brat and dont get me wrong I dont exactly like him but I feel bad bcuz we dont really know him so we shouldnt judge…

  6. @lovely143 i think reyna might end up with Jason cause they could have been a couple what if the same senario happened to annabeth and percy reyna deserves him piper does not we don’t what she is like she might be nice i thik her pov will be in the next book

  7. @cabin6girl i dont think sarah kate goes on here anymore… maybe she will come to the mark of athena blog. do u know her fanfiction name??

    @lovey143 i think one of them might die so jason has to settle for the other one. *please dont hurt me!!* i dont WANT one of them to die, im just looking at all the possibilities.

  8. omg max,how told you you’ll need money to get to read this book?
    i’ve just finished reading it and i’ll tell you to get this book on the internet,as i did

    (even though i haven’t bought the book,i’m not a poor guy,i didn’t buy it just because i’m from another country,in which this book has not even come out,brazil,and the good thing about it is that i did not spend any money on buying this book,i started reading it 20 minutes after deciding to read it,that’s it)

  9. @lovey143 piper he will end up with piper and also Thalia pale white skin jet black hair sort of in a braided crown type of style silver nose ring a silver charm bracelet she’s around 5’4 and always has on silver nail polish that is my description of Thalia Grace

  10. @ max do you have a public libarry if not ill tell you here goes Dannys tells the stroy of the son of neptune chapter 1: the return of percy jackson: BEGIN after training with lupa Percy is running from the gorgons Stheno (nick named beano by percy becaus eof his dylexia) and Euryale the sister of medusa (who hasnt come back from tartraus yet) and because eof the curse of achilles they are unable to kill him when he comes across a cliff which leads to a tunnel to camp jupiter and euryale catch him percy cuts Eurayale in half and knocks out Stheno he then takes her tray of Frisky weiners and slides down the gorgons reform Because they never stay dead lnger than 2 hours beacuse death has been captured and the doors of death are opened he then meets june (Juno in disguise as an old woman) who tells him to carry her to the camp and he will gain his memories back but says he will lose his curse of achilles and face much pain or he an go to the sea and live apeace ful new life he decides to carry her into the little tiber a river in new rome were his curse of achilles is washed away there frank and hazel attack the gorgons frank is captured by them percy then turns the tiber into two huge hands and tears them apart June tehntranforms into the peacock goddess Juno the roman equvilaen tof hera and tells the romnas he is percy jackson a son of neptune then leaves reyna camp praetor who percy asks if she knows him because she looks like she seen him in nightmares she says no but percy believes she is lying annd ask Hazel to interrogate him and send him the Octavien to see if he is an new recrute or an enemy to Kill

  11. @ max i will pick up from their tommorow with Danny tells the story oof the son of neptune Chapter 2:THE SON OF HADES AND ABNORMAL HAZEL

  12. im new but im 2 poor 2 buy the book so can anyone tell me what happens???? 🙁

  13. @percabeth omg I wonder what thalia looks like! I never really know how to imagine her…

    I have another question that most of you probabaly wont care about but who do you think jason will end up with? Reyna or Piper?

  14. @dancer* hey i havent talked to u in a long time. Is sarah kate still writing her story????

  15. @danny ok. i dont either

    @cabin6girl yes i missed u! so many original people on this blog are disapearing.

  16. @Lovey143 LOL I made that mistake once and called my Friends Girlfriend Annabeth cause she looks EXACTLY lie Rick Riordan Said. OH NO LIE Rick Sai That the Demigod Diaries would have the FIRST EVER picture of THALIA OMGods

  17. Heeeyy sory I havent been on. My wifi was down weell I personally like the lost hero better no offense to everyone who like the son of neptune.

    Have you guys ever heard the song sparks fly by taylor swift because it reminds me so much of percy and annabeth…well some parts.

    Also there is this kid in my tennis class who looks just like how I think ocatavion looks and the other day I called him octavian! Im pretty sure he thinks im crazy…

  18. @lovey143 i pray my comment wont disappear ithink there equal because i didnt realy like the side protagonist like hazel and piper not thta cool but frank and Leo Awesome like piper is one of those girls i just relly dont like her and hazel is always in flash back mode but like story wise i cant decide they both leave huge cliffhangers at the but i found them different like uh the the lost hero is the greek version and the son of neptune is is the roman version think about it

  19. the thing about minor gods is that they represent more stuff than major gods like for instance the major gods represent war or water but minors represent sleep death victory (Nike) and even magic

  20. @lovey143 i like SoN better. but they were both very good.

    @danny i get what you are saying… but i dont believe that 2012 is our doomsday. everyone has their opinions

  21. Maybe the world will end if the heroes dont defeat gaea;) but we all know they will
    I have a question. Which did you like better? The lost hero or the son of neptune

  22. my commentent disapered the one about 2012 ( i dont belive in ill be telling my kids about the hero percy jackson in 2020

  23. Lovely143 I’m the one that said MoA is the last book, I know it’snot, I was just kidding 😛

  24. hey just cause thats what u think dancer does not mean does not mean we will i mean their calender was so precise that it predicted solar eclipses hundreds of years into the future so how deal with that logic

  25. i do NOT think the world will end in 2012. no matter who or what predicted it. so what, the calender ends. it just means they need to get a new!!!!

    dont worry people. we will live through to the year 2013.

  26. hey guys i just thought about the ancient myans and how they theorized that the worlds would end the winter solstice of this year opinions thanks and happy new years

  27. plus i new about the new books the serpents shadow and the demigod diaries ooh the cover 4 the serpents shadow is so coo Carter and Sadie are right next 2 the sea of chaos and there is a giant glowing white obelisk ( the sea of chaos is red ) ;p

  28. plus i new about the new books the serpents shadow and the demigod diaries ooh the cover 4 the serpents shadow is so coo Carter and Sadie are right next 2 the sea of chaos and there is a giant glowing white obelisk ( the sea of chaos is red )

  29. Hi….lol awkward…
    idk who said this but MoA is not the last book. There are 5 in all just like the pjo series.

  30. everybody go to blogspot and go to rick riordans blog. hes writing a new book as a prequel to the lightening theif! (just like danny said) and the new kane book was announced!!

    the serpents shadow

    and the book cover is AMAZING!!

  31. @ dancer its by RR!!!! i was at fanfiction and in a chat room two people were talking about so i went to ricks blog MYTH&MYSTERY and evrything i said i got from his own words also the third book of the kane chronicles has been announcedMay1 the serpents shadow if you dont belive go to RICKS BLOG MYTH&MYSTERY

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