The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Son of Neptune

Well, I think this cover has fewer clues in it than the last one, but maybe you will notice something important that I don’t see. I liked the title of Chapter One – “Percy”!, but won’t give anything else away until you have a chance to read it too.

Read Chapter One



The Lost Hero
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  1. no no no reyna isnt one of them hazel frank and jason are the ones from camp jupiter and percy leo piper are from camp half blood but im not sure if nico or annabeth are the last ones p.s. no percy is on the cover i think or am pretty sure

  2. the seven are percy,jason, annabeth ,hazel,piper,leo, and reyna

    reyna because she was jasons girlfrinend before piper

  3. the seven are percy,jason, annabeth ,hazel,piper,leo, and reyna

    reyna because she was jasons girlfrinend before piper

  4. hey everyone just wanted to gloat i already ordered the book haha you guys all should!!

  5. oh and i read some of youre reviews oh and sarah kate this is not aburn but um Nico is actually 13 since in the last olympian he was like 12

  6. Thanks Im a huge Fan so iwas alittle mad when i found out percy wasnt in the Lost her o but leo piper and jason are pretty cool to and i realy like annabeth but i hope that Nico is one of the seven cause hes like one of my favorie charecters

  7. @summer dang well i really wanted annabeth to be on the quest so shes with percy lol they cant be separated again that would break my heart

  8. One Of Hahaa Yupp @Danny Percysss Back!
    Ummm.@Anonymus. Frank Is. One Of The Seven Since He’s. Going On A Quest With Percyy&Hazel. Just Likee Piper&Leo..Also Annabeth Might Not Be. Part Of The Sevven Mean She IS Going To The Roman Camp But She Might Stayy There Also With Nico Iam Not. Sure But I Thinkk R.R Said Nico. Going To Play A BIG Role!? So If He Is Hades Part Of The Seven Den There’s Only Two Left Hazel&Frank So Ares&Athena Is Left….So Hazel Parnet Could Be. Mars Or Minevra And Same With Frank(: ….Ohhh And With The Trident Qustion I Just Think its A Common Thing Since Percy is Son Of Poseidon(:

  9. And PeRCY Holdingthe eagle is just to make the cover look cool so dont Break your Brains trying to fig it oout ooo and the story is about percytrying to save JUpiter from one of the gorgons cause hes fallen in love with it THE SoN IS BACK TO SAVE the world and take his place as the Greatest hero of alltimme THHE CHAMPION OF THE GODS HAS RETURNED

  10. O MY GODS!!! has anyone thought about who percy will meet at the roman camp??? what if he finds another girl and him and annabeth break up!!!! that would make me so sad):

  11. @son of neptune yaaaaaaaaaa so you say you really are a son of a sea god soo yaaa all the rest of you people who are demigods TELL YOUR PARENTS TO ADOPT ME i want to be a demigod soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hey someone help me decipher the clouds a see the trident (i think its near a skull) and i see some letters and numbers and some other things so please help me figure them out!!! cant wait for SoN

  13. oh and everyone the demigods are percy annabeth jason leo piper nico hazel and frank actually forget frank i just read bout him on a website but what bout reyna bobby and the others that jason remembers in the lost hero?????

  14. alright just saying i love percy and annabeth’s relationship but now since ive read that version *shivers* it scares me along with jason and piper even though piper is my ALL TIME FAVORITE character!

  15. Okay, I wtched the video on youtube. I think u guys need to rewatch it. First of all, the guy with the teddy bear looks like luke when he was young. Coulkd be wrong though. The lady in the picture, The lady in one half is Hera, the lady in the other half is Juno. Look up pictures of them on the web. See the resemblance?

  16. I haven’t been on for ages so I’m a little out of it. Alright, so for evrbdy who thinks the kid on the front is Tyson, reality check! Tyson is a cyclops. cyclopies have ONE eye. To those who say they read the first seven chapters, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! There are hundreds of fanfics on SoN out there. You’ve read one of them. I can’t wait to 🙂

  17. Heyy Guys I Have News To Clear News To Clear Up(:
    1) The Roman Camp Is Called Camp Jupiter! I Mean I Gusse So Because Jupiter Is The KING God
    2)@Sarah^^ Yes I Did See That…
    3)The Parnets Of the Seven Halfblodds Are Ares,Athena,Hades,Aphrodite,Hepatus,Posidon&Zues
    4)I think The Gurl From The Video Is Hazel But The Two Guys IDK?!! BUT I think the guy on de left Is son of apolo (Bow&Arrow) nd de guy on de left is son of the sleeping god(he has a teddy bear&he looks sleppy) but I mostly think they r jason friendss.
    5)Now the lady in the video or pickture I think is Lupa also the Silver and gold Watch dogs are autoMaton for King. Alcoinous. I think that’s all for noww so yehhh(:

  18. Hey I’m new, and I read all your comments and some made sense but some didn’t. I also noticed that no one noticed the trident shape made out of a cloud, over the eagles head. Just telling you.

  19. I have the series of Percy Jackson and the newest book of The Heroes Of Olympus and it says in The Lost Hero that the gods switched Percy and Jason from the Roman camp to Camp Half-blood in order to stop Gaea and to seal the “doors of death”.

  20. Hey guys! I finally got home from school registration and I have read all your comments.

    1. Jason is blond, Percy has black hair.
    3. David: Yes, I know that. The eagle is the symbol of Jupiter (Zeus) who is their most powerful god, so therefore would be the symbol that they carried into war.
    4. Perhaps Percy is wet because there are monsters on his tail and he wanted to get wet so they would think ‘Oh, he can’t be the son of Neptune because he’s wet.’ Just a thought.
    Am I the only one who saw this? Anyway, at 0:59-1:03, it shows people from Castra. Let the speculation on who’s who begin…

  21. hi I am new and I read all your comments. For the people who said on the front cover it’s Nico it isn’t it’s Percy cuz I read a description on the cover somewhere on the internet that it is Percy on the cover.

  22. Ok so I see almost no one here really knows much of Roman history or culture. Yes the eagle is the sign of Jupiter, but on a larger scale, the eagle was also the standard of the Roman legon. The Standard was carried on a staff or pike only when an officer of a Rome was leading troops into battle. Of course there are no awards under the eagle which represents that he is a new leader with new troops.

  23. i absolutley LOVE the percyjackson n heroes of olympus series. Rick Riordian rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he writes sooooo dang flabbity well!!! HMMMMMMM… i just wish there was more romance between percy and annabeth, the cutest couple in history!!!!!
    someone answer me pls… im bored out of y mind and i cant find my books… AHHHH… the great feeling of computer stalking accomplishment… JK!:)

  24. for the roman camp name, it is called camp jupiter, go to barnes and noble website search son of neptune. click on the cover. on the bottom right hand corner it says exclusive never before seen camp jupiter brochure inside. hope i helped -larry

  25. @ Annabeth i realized that 2 and im really upset. i will get SoN and read it in like 2 days not joke then have 2 waait another 363 days!
    also, thx 4 stealing my name. hehe jk 🙂

  26. ugh someone read a version type in son of neptune chapter 50 and click the first one its soooooooooo bad i started crying bcuz it was that bad 🙁

  27. I wish the Son of neptune could be released right now! I think the cover is most probably Percy since the book is called Son of Neptune/Poseidon which percy is.

    After I finish reading Son of neptune, I’ll have to wait ONE WHOLE YEAR for the next book! I think he should release the books something like 6 months or less between the previous books. A whole year is…Too long. By the time the series finishes, Percy will be 21.

  28. I just hope in the next book son of neptune percy gets back to camp half blood.


  29. I am like the biggest fan of percy. It probably has something to do with khione

  30. I love the Percy Jackson series, i read it six times and the lost hero three times but I don’t get why Rick riordon decided to switch from first person (in the Percy Jackson series and the Kane chronicles) to thierd person (heroes of Olympus), I prefer it in first person

  31. Let’s see here. Percy, son of Posiden, and eagle sign of Zuse. And they are brother rivals. Jason is son of zuse and percy is well see above.

  32. Hey guys, love this series. It’s a pity that there’s only one new book that is comming out every year ):


  33. by the ways guys, found the another phrophecy hat kinda explains SoN. Here it is:
    Two ancient camps must reunite

    To combine two forces and prepare for fight

    A child of thunder and a child of sea

    must combine their powers and set the gods free

    The ages where this darkness spreads

    has rose again and left us for dead

    But to stop these forces from getting through,

    Our seven heroes must look to two.

  34. Summer, we also know from TLH (The Lost Hero) that Leo, Piper and Jason are also a significant part. The 2/7 we know for sure that are in the quest are Jason and Percy and or Tyson because I read somewhere ellse that a phrophcy said “The son of lightning and the son of the sea”.


  35. Can’t wait till the Son Of Neptune! Okay but first
    1)It can not be jason because he has blonde hair yes,but when its wet it gets dark but not that dark,Two he like to keep his hair like a crew cut.Nico I don’t think so because nico 13 or 14 hand the boy looks more older so I think its Percy
    2)Percy loses his acchilles spot so that’s why the “boy” has cuts and is bleeding.Also if it is percy on the front page he’s wet cuz he’s to Trier to not be wet or he has no energy
    3)the Eagle staff is the Aquilifer which is the person who carries the staff.The staff was the Legaions most prized item so I’m guessing Percy got to the roman camp and got there trust
    4)Percy part of the Seven and he goes on a Quest with Hazel&Frank(parnets still unknown)who are also part of the seven.

  36. oh, and go to google and you can find different made up versions of the rest of the book (or the first 7 chapters). Mostly, the authors just make it up thinking about the first chapter. They’re still really fun to read, and very entertaining. Try it, it’ll open your mind.

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