Okay For Now

Okay For Now

Okay for Now

When Doug’s Dad comes home early from work with his lunch pail and black eye, Doug knows that his Dad’s temper has cost him another job. The only thing Doug’s Dad has to say is, “we’re moving.”

The rest of the family simply starts to pack. That’s how it is with Doug’s Dad because as Doug says, “Dad has quick hands.” Doug has learned to dodge them whenever possible.

When the family arrives in Marysville and moves into the house Doug calls, “The Dump,” things get off to a really rocky start. Doug’s brother gets in trouble with the law and the kids at school as well as the teachers, decide Doug is nothing but a troublemaker too.

You could see it in the eyes of the secretary in the Main Office of Washington Irving Junior High School that first day too, and in the eyes of Principal Peattie, who came out of his office so that he could identify me better if he ever had to pick me out of a lineup, and in the eyes of the guidance counselor who worked on my schedule, handed it to me, hesitated, and then decided to walk me to my homeroom because, she said, I didn’t know my way around the school yet – but probably because she thought I was going to rob some lockers while I was passing by.” (page 98)

If you have ever felt trapped by the bad behavior of someone close to you are have ever felt judged by people before they even knew you, you’ll like Doug and his story. And you’ll like his brother’s story too.

As the days in Marysville go by the people in town realize that Doug isn’t just a troublemaker and neither is his brother. The two brothers discover that Marysville might not be quite as stupid as they thought. Author: Gary Schmidt

Okay for Now is a companion story to The Wednesday Wars – Doug is in that one too, but not the main character. Here are some more real kid, real life stories by Gary Schmidt:
The Wednesday Wars First Boy Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
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