Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse Rescue on Tankium3

Missile Mouse is still one tough mouse. He’s quick thinking, he’s smart, he takes some risks and lives to tell about it. He’s also got a bit of a temper. Sometimes he chooses not to follow the rules at the Galactic Security Agency and sometimes this gets him into trouble. He saves the day, for sure, but he can’t seem to do it without stomping off to fight a battle his own way or blowing stuff up.

In this second adventure Missile Mouse rescues the alien driver of a transport ship with suspicious cargo. The driver, Lasukus, from the planet Tankium3, has no memory – a device has been planted in his brain to control him. When the device is removed Lasukus teams up with Missile Mouse and Agent 44, a security bot, to rescue Tankium3’s men from an evil overlord as well as the assasin he has hired…none other than Missile Mouse’s arch nemesis, Blazing Bat. Just like in book one, good guys, bad guys, betrayals, aliens, spaceships, explosions…it’s all in here. Author: Jake Parker

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Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium3 from jakeparker on Vimeo.

He holds the book sideways…and there isn’t any talking…but you do get a look inside the book.

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