Science Experiment: Heated Gases Expand – Ivory Soap

Science Experiment: Heated Gases Expand – Ivory Soap

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When a substance is heated it’s molecules move faster. You can see this in a pot of water when you heat it on the stove. As the water gets hotter its molecules begin to move until the water is boiling.

When gases are heated, the same thing happens. As gas is heated up the amount of space the gas takes up increases. You can see this by heating up a bar of soap.

You have to use a bar of soap that floats. To make sure you have a bar of soap that will work, float it in a bowl of water. A bar of soap will float because it has air bubble whipped into it. Ivory soap will work for this experiment.srpivorysoapmicro

What You Need:
Bar of Soap that Floats
Bowl of Water
Paper Plate

Break or cut the bar of soap into four pieces. Put the pieces on a paper plate and microwave for 1 minute. Watch the ivory soap through the microwave window.

As you heat the soap molecules in the air bubbles move quickly away from each other, or expand. This is called Charles’s Law. The same thing happens when you pop popcorn or cook a marshmallow .srpivorydogdone

Sciece Experiment Idea: Choose different kinds of soap to see what will happen when they are heated up for one minute in the microwave. Be sure to heat each bar of soap up on the same kind of plate and make sure you heat each bar for the same amount of time. The variable in this experiment is the soap, everything else has to be the same. Do the bars of soap each react the same way when they are heated up in the microwave? Why do you think so? Tip: Choose ivory soap for one of your trials – it’s cool!

Here are some books that will help you learn about and experiment with heated gases:

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Words to Know:

Atoms – The smallest, most basic unit of matter. An atom is made up of a nucleus surrounded by electrons.
Molecules At least two atoms held together by a chemical bond.
Charles’s Law – as temperatures of a gas increase, so does its volume. Simply, heated gases expand.
Heat – to make hot or warm.

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  1. Guys when u heat a candle in a microwave u get plasma state so heat it further and u will find out

  2. What kind of plasma? Blood plasma or the kind like TVs are made of? Not that I will know even if you clarify…but I might be able to look it up for you. : )

  3. We have a family tradition with ivory soap from way back I’m waiting to see how to make money Shareing this with the right person I was amassed to see what y’all done with it this is a old fashion way and we loved doing it when we were kids

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