Close to Famous

Close to Famous

Close to Famous


Foster and her mother make a break for it, throwing what possessions they can in a car and getting very far away from Memphis and Huck, Foster’s mom’s now ex-boyfriend.  Foster’s mom broke up with Huck when she found out Huck yelled and called Foster a loser. That made Huck so mad he broke into their house and gave Foster’s mom a black eye. So, Foster and her mom are on the road looking for a new place to call home, some place Huck will never bother to find.

I guess if I’d kept my mouth shut, we’d still be in Memphis. But if I’d done that, I’d be agreeing with Huck. I’m trying hard not to agree with anybody who says I’m a loser.” (page 25)

Foster doesn’t sit by and let things happen to her. If something isn’t right she says so. I like her alot because of that.

Foster and her mom decide to stay in the tiny town of Culpepper. Foster really wants to be a chef, so she marches into a diner in Culpepper with free samples of her freshly made cupcakes. Once everyone is raving about her creations she offers to let the diner sell her cupcakes. See how smart she is? I like how hard she works to believe in herself and her ideas. The people in Culpepper like that about Foster too and some of them start to make different choices because of her. When the phone starts to ring and Foster can sense Huck worming his way back into their lives, watch Foster look trouble right in the eye. Author: Joan Bauer

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  1. Foster McFee and her mother are on the run from her mother’s boyfriend, a crazy Elvis impersonator. They do not know where they are going or how they will survive once they get there. Finally, they arrive in Culpepper, West Virginia early one morning and discover a town also down on its luck. Culpepper is a small town with little to offer—the economy has closed businesses and put many people out of work. However, Foster has a dream that she will one day have her own cooking show on TV. But, in order to pursue that dream, Foster will need to conquer one of her greatest fears. Enjoy reading how Foster, with the help of some of the eccentric residents of Culpepper, find hope and success as they mix all sorts of weird ingredients and serve up a delicious meal for all!

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