The Books of Umber: The End of Time

The Books of Umber: The End of Time

The End of Time

Hap, the boy with unusually green eyes, the ability to jump high and live without ever sleeping is back in this final book in The Books of Umber Trilogoy.

Hap still lives with Lord Umber in his castle by the sea. He has made friends in this place, even though he doesn’t know how he got there or even who he is. Hap is very, very loyal to his friends. Without them, what does he have? He has no memories before waking up and finding himself with them.

In this final adventure Hap faces the questions that have haunted him since waking up in the cave with no memories. Who am I? WHAT am I? Hap is forced to find the answers to these questions while he and his friends are attacked from all sides – from a hostile king that feels threatened by both Lord Umber and Hap, from the sorceress Turiana who has broken free of the chains that have kept her under control, and from an unknown horror steadily making its way across the ocean toward Celador. The answers aren’t anything you’d ever expect. Expect to think the last few chapters; about fate, destiny, happenstance…and maybe cry a little too. If you COULD see into the future, would you even want to? Author: P.W. Catanese

The Books of Umber – this is a trilogy I suggest you read in order.:
Happenstance Found Dragon Games The End of Time
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  1. Yes, it definitely is a series to read in order!I’ve read Happenstance Found 37 times, Dragon Games 35 times, and The End of Time(my absolute fave book!!!) 45 times.I just might ask y’all, do you think they will make movies out of the Books of Umber series???

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