The Invisible Order #1: Rise of the Darklings

The Invisible Order #1: Rise of the Darklings

The Invisible Order

Emily has discovered that fairies, piskies, giants and all kinds of creatures actually do exist, it’s just that most people can’t see them. Emily discovers she CAN see them the day  she saves a piskie after a battle that takes place in the middle of a London street.

The piskie Emily saves is Corrigan. He’s a little wiry guy, small enough to sit on her shoulder. He’s also opinionated, sassy and brave…just the sort of person you want on your team. Then there’s Emily pickpocket friend Jack. He’s human. He’s also streetwise, opinionated, sassy…and brave…another guy you want on your team. Emily really needs them because the bad guys have kidnapped her little brother and are holding him hostage.

To get William back Emily needs to solve riddles, pick locks, sneak, fight, listen, learn, trust her friends and be very, very brave. Author: Paul Crilley

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The Invisible Order Series:

#1: Rise of the Darklings on Downloadable eBook and eAudio
#2 : The Fire King


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