The Clockwork Three

The Clockwork Three

The Clockwork Three

Three kids with three dreams:

1. Giuseppe plays his violin for money, but he isn’t allowed to keep the money, he has to give it to his master or he is beaten or thrown in a dark cellar with rats. He is secretly keeping some of the money hoping to escape someday.

2. Frederick is an orphan that is apprenticed to a clockmaker. He is sercretly building an automoton – a kind of mechanical robot – in hopes that he can be licensed and work for himself someday.

3. Hannah works as a maid in a large hotel. Her Dad is sick and she is the only one in the house that can earn any money. She hopes to find a cure for her Dad so she can return to school someday.

The three kids don’t know each other at all when the story starts but are drawn toward each other on their quest for freedom as they unravel the mystery of a missing treasure. Author: Matthew Kirby

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