Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire

Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire

throne-of-fire-jacketThe Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire is even more action packed than #1 The Red Pyramid. In this one Carter and Sadie are at The Brooklyn house teaching other trainees how to handle their powers. The two have a mission though and there’s no putting it off if they are to save the world. They give new meaning to “I have a bad feeling about this!” They battle monsters at every single turn and you can feel the suspense of the pursuit on every page. They are methodically being hunted down.

Kane Chronicles Series:

#1: The Red Pyramid on CD Downloadable eBook or eAudio
#2: The Throne of Fire on CD, Downloadable eAudio

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  1. Hello. I am reading the third book of the Kane Chronicles: The Serpent’s Shadow and i am almost done! It is so good so far!!!!

  2. @JackleBug:
    ooohh… sorry… i havent been on fanfiction for a while.. sorry! but i remeber ur story being really good! 😉

  3. Son of Neptune (The one I’ve been talking to) Lol- Thats funny! 😀

    son of neptune (0ther)- Its gonna be hard to tell you guys apart! 😀

  4. @Son of Neptune, yes I do, remeber you commented on my story and advertised for it when I was still useing the name Noel.


  6. Hiiii, Guys.! It feels like forever since I’ve talked to you.! And it hasnt even been that long.!:D

  7. @Sarah Kate and Son of Neptune

    I don’t think my last post posted, so I just wanted to say to Son of Neptune, “Your welcome!” and to Sarah Kate “Haha thanks!”

  8. @JackleBug: lol you’re story cracks me up. I love your summaries. You should do that as a job. 😉

  9. JackleBug:
    LOL! THAKS!!!! now im really looking forward for this book!! thanks!!:D

  10. @Son of Neptune, sure I’ll give you a spoiler


    Okay, so first off, Sadie and Carter have turned brooklyn house into a sort of training thing for other magicians and their teaching them. Sadie has a crush on one of the students (their around the same age by the way)but his families been cursed by some old egyptian dudes (don’t really feel like expalining that in detail) and he’s probally going to die. Anyway, they have to find the book of Ra (Theres 3 parts) so they can awakin him and use him to save the world from this giant snake (I forgot how to spell his name) and save the world from total chaos and destruction. Carter finds the real Zia, but she sort of hates him and all in all, the whole relationship thing itsn’t working out for either him or Saide. So just to sum it all up, this book includes; Hippo ladies, half-naked vertically challenged dudes screaming BOO, a flying horse-bird named Freak, Brooklyn on fire, sticky magic scrolls, and possesed monkeys rampaging through subways. So that pretty much covers it! 🙂

  11. @Sarah Kate- Yeah, theres no beatin Percy Jackson. And Im going to read it soon. But Im reading the 4th Mortal Intruments book right now, so after I read that, I’ll try this book(:

  12. @Mariah: You haven’t read the first one?? Oh, you got to read it! It’s amazing! (I like PJO better but everything Rick writes is enjoyable.) haha 🙂

  13. I have to read the 1st book before I can read the one that just came out. :DDDDD

  14. @Everyone:
    Hey, guys I’ve put up another chapter of my book. Please read and review(:

  15. @Son of Neptune, you, it came out the third. It was good too, I think it was much better then the first one.

  16. JackleBug-
    it came out??????? shoot!! i need to read it before the books are all gone!!

  17. Hey, the book came out yesterday! My dad picked it up from the local Borders and I finished it just a few hours ago. Definitly worth reading (though it’ll never live up to the Percy Jackson series…)

  18. @Anonymous- umm…. who r u? is this Mariah? but best guy friend?

    @Everybody- ahahaha! xxxx u guys u r smart!! 🙂

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