Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire

Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire

throne-of-fire-jacketThe Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire is even more action packed than #1 The Red Pyramid. In this one Carter and Sadie are at The Brooklyn house teaching other trainees how to handle their powers. The two have a mission though and there’s no putting it off if they are to save the world. They give new meaning to “I have a bad feeling about this!” They battle monsters at every single turn and you can feel the suspense of the pursuit on every page. They are methodically being hunted down.

Kane Chronicles Series:

#1: The Red Pyramid on CD Downloadable eBook or eAudio
#2: The Throne of Fire on CD, Downloadable eAudio

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  1. @Anonymous: I’m thinking you’re Mariah but I’m going to go with Anonymous. :] haha yeah. I’m pretty smart.

    Yeah! you’re cool, dude! And Nathan is a cool name! It’s good you’re not like Bartholomew or something haha 🙂

  2. @Sarah Kate- Darn you for being the one that figured it out. >:( LOL(:

    @Son of Neptune- Well, I really wanted to know, because you’re one of my best guy friends and I didnt even know you first name!!!:D

  3. @Son of Neptune- Sooo, is it Nathan or what?? Im confused and frustrated, boy!

  4. oh wait hold up
    i messed up on the riddle

    my name starts with a letter in the middle of the alphabet,
    it ryhymes with a type of food,
    it comes from the Herbrew Origin,
    and it means “God Has Given”

    trust me its actually pretty easy for this…. so try!! 🙂

  5. @Son of Neptune, I have thought about your little riddle since yesterday and I have to admit I’m stumped.

  6. @Son of Neptune- I CANT FIGURE IT OUT. :(( Tell me. Pleaaaase???

    @Sarah Kate- Wow(: Thats unique. (: I like it.

  7. I don’t know if this question was directed to me, but my name is Jacqueline. By nickname is Bug, and my 4 year old cousin sort of meshes the two together, saying JackleBug. Thus my user name.

  8. i dont wanna express that information…. but sorry but bout that little thing up there.. i actually did it wrong lol 😀

  9. Mine is actually Anja. 🙂 I just thought I’d use Sarah Kate for incognito haha 😉

  10. im gunna give u a hint…….
    nat and hades the awesome ness
    look at it carefully and ask other people for help (; its actually pretty obvious if u know wut i mean

  11. @Sarah Kate- 😉 You knowzz it!

    @Son of Neptune- Aww, yoou said it!(: Im so happy now.

    Hey, what are your guys real names, like, not last names or anything just your first names. Like, Mines Mariah, obviously, and Sarah Kates is probably Sarah Kate, but what is yours Son of neptune??(:

  12. Everybody:
    I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!!! I-I LOVE U!! 😀 jeesh.. i said it 😀

  13. @Mariah: Aww shucks 😉

    @Son of Neptune: Yeah. You’re making us feel unloved by our other bestie. (Which is you) 😀 WE LOVE YOU!

  14. @Sarah Kate- Aww(: We love you,too!(:

    @Son of Neptune- You havnt told us you love us yet. :((( I LOVE YOU. 😀

  15. @Mariah: haha there’s no doubting that you’re my internet bestie! Along with Son of Neptune, Cabin6girl, JackleBug, etc, etc… haha 🙂

  16. @Son of Neptune- 😉

    @Sarah Kate- I know Im your best internet freind!!(: Just kidding! But i better b 1!! ;D

  17. @Son of Neptune: haha I know. I’m scarred for life. You will be too if you watch it. It comes on on May 31 🙂

    @Mariah: Yep yep. haha will do.
    ahahahaha awww thanks 🙂 You guys are my best internet friends, too! haha I LOVE YOU ALL

  18. @Son of Neptune- I agree with Sarah, we’ll probably have ALOT. Haha(:

    @Sarah Kate- Yeah, they’re both really good!(:
    You better;D

    Hey, guys!!(: I know this is random, but I LOVE YOU GUYS. Your my best internet friends!! :DDD

  19. @Son of Neptune: There was this one really weird guy that walked out in a full body suit (even covering his head) with a big red opening around his stomach and he was popping pillows out of the opening. It was really weird… And probably about 2,000,000,000,000,000 at the least.

    @Mariah: Exactly. It’s weird cuz I’m kind of like both Annabeth and Rachel in different ways. 🙂 Of course! I hope they invite me again and then I’ll tell you 😉

  20. @Sarah Kate- I know!! I mean, Rachels cool, but Annabteth is bettttterrrr!
    Haha, well, next time, you HAVE to take me!:P

  21. @Son of Neptune: haha of course! 😉

    @Mariah: I KNOW! I can’t believe some people like Rachel more! I’m like Oh No You didn’t! Annabeth is awesome. haha you’re right! It was thoughtless of me to forget you. It was so much fun though! There were some of the weirdest people auditioning hahaha xD

  22. @Sarah Kate- I know right?! Who cant love Annabeth?????? 😉
    OMG. Third row? Thats awesome!(: You should have taken me there with you. >:(

    @Amethyst- Me either!!!(;

  23. @Son of Neptune: No you can have a favorite of anyone 🙂 I just think I relate to girls better since I am one haha But I do like Jason. He’s a cool new character. 🙂 And I like Sadie and Carter’s relationship. It’s a really cute brother-sister bond (:

    @Amethyst: OMG me neither !! I’m so excited!!

    Everyone: I was just at the America’s Got Talent taping! Like actually there! I was in the third row closest to the stage!! AHHH! I’m gon be famous! haha

  24. Ha ha!! I totally LOVE Rick’s books! I recently re- read The Lost Hero & The Red Pryimid!!! I can’t wait to gobble this book up too!

  25. @Mariah: Oh yes. My ultimate all time favorite is Annabeth but my favorite new characters are Piper and Sadie 🙂

  26. @Sarah Kate- My favorite are out of these three AWESOME girls!! : Annabeth, Thalia and Piper!(:

    Everyone- I finally updated my fanfiction!! Check it out please!(:

  27. @Annabeth: hahaha I agree… 😉

    @Mariah: Awww:(

    Everyone! Who’s your favorite new character in RR’s books so far?? I think Piper’s pretty cool. She’s awesome for being a daughter of… Aphrodite. 😛
    And Sadie is my ULTIMATE favorite in the Kane Chronicles. haha She’s awesome.

  28. Gjleme:
    YAY!!!!!!! a newbie!!! welcome to our conversation!!

    yah it is kinda intense.. but it really is nice to haveu back 😀 i wasnt being sarcastic or anything…

  29. Bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bllllllaaaaaaaaah. Im bored. O_o Im bored. 😀

  30. Hey guys. Im on this one cause its getting kind of intense on the other. Lol. 😀

  31. shut the hell up ok im not a crazed fan, sure rr books r good but sometimes i dont like them n i dont mean 2 critiseze him

  32. @Son of Neptune: Yeah, well that’s good. haha 🙂

    @Gjleme: OMG MINE TOO! Gotta love little old RR 😉

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