Rex Zero The Great Pretender

Rex Zero The Great Pretender

Rex Zero the Great Pretender

There are a bunch of kids in Rex’s family and he’s moved a lot. He’s finally at a school he likes and has made friends. He’s really looking forward to 7th grade with James, Kathy, Buster and Polly. Especially Polly, if you know what I mean.

When the group finds out Rex has to move across town to another school district they put their heads together to figure out a way to keep Rex at their school. It involves a couple small-ish lies to his sister. (Who cares?)

But Buster is the one who figures out the most important thing of all. “You’re going to have to lie to your parents,” he says. I was trying not to think of that. “Maybe I won’t have to to lie. If I figure it all out and I can get to school on time by bus and everything, maybe they won’t mind…” (Page 24)

Rex volunteers to deliver the paperwork that enrolls him at his new school. He shoves it in a trash can in the park. All he has to do now is get up extra early everyday and save up enough money to catch a city bus to school across town. No worries. Until his sister finds out…and until his picture appears in the newspaper with his address listed. Will his sister tell? Will his parents, or the principal, put two and two together? Author: Tim Wynne-Jones

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