Harry Potter News & Fun

Harry Potter News & Fun


We still have to wait until this summer for the last Harry Potter movie. There are a few fun sites out on the internet that you can visit to read, watch or discuss characters or scenes. A couple funny ones are from MADD Magazine and PotterPuppetPals. I also liked the review of Harry Potter posters over the years as well as the discussion about why the Harry Potter movies haven’t gotten more Oscar nominations.

Some Harry Potter Sites you might like to visit:

  • Mugglecast discussion the latest news news like when to expext the Deathly Hallows 2 trailer. You can subscribe for free and listen to these on your iPod, MP3 player or computer.


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  1. Hey(:
    I LOVE HARRY POTTER. I think its one of the best series’ ever! Its really hard to make ONE good book, let alone SEVEN. I think its amazing.(:

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