Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves

Imagine what it would be like living chained to an adult until you turned 12 – like a dog on a leash. That’s what life is like in the town of Jewel for Goldie and her friends. The grown-ups in Jewel are so frightened of something bad happening to a child that they literally chain them to a babysitter for 12 years. These babysitters are called blessed guardians and the leashes are called guardchains. Can you imagine NEVER being alone? Ick!

Goldie is in trouble all the time because she about can’t stand it. She resents her guardian and is ready to have some freedom. Just her luck, in the middle of her separation ceremony that will mark the beginning of her new life as her own person, the separation is halted.

But while the chains are off, Goldie doesn’t hesitate – she runs as far and as fast as she can. She takes refuge in the Museum of Dunt, a mysterious building located in the middle of her town. Oddly, the people that work in the museum seem to have been waiting for her arrival. What IS the secret kept at the museum and what does it have to do with Goldie? Danger. Betrayal. Secrets about why the guardchains are used. And very special white dog. Author: Lian Tanner

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  1. This book sounds super creepy. I think that my children would love it! Somehow these science fiction books (like THE GIVER) almost feel too close to home for this mom. Thank you for the introduction and also for all of these generous links – I’ll be back! A.

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