The Kneebone Boy

The Kneebone Boy

The Kneebone Boy

Otto, Lucia and Max are the Hardscrabbles. They’ll remind you of three kids you might already know…Violet, Klaus and Sunny Boudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Hardscrabbles have had a rough life too – like the Boudelaire’s they have to take care of each other, because nobody else is really doing it for them.

The Hardscrabble’s mother has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Otto hasn’t spoken a word since and wears a scarf wrapped around his neck everyday, no matter the weather. Their father is around, but distant, travelling all over the world to paint portraits of royals.

Otto uses sign language only Lucia and Max can understand, which makes him even more unusual, and the object of suspician. People in thier village think maybe Otto knows more about his mother’s disappearance than he wants to say…so he just refuses to talk at all

Lucia, for her part, is a toughie, I mean, look at that picture on the cover. She’s ready to start a fight and take names later. She’s bored out of her mind by the dullness of her life and longs for some kind of adventure.

And Max, well, Max is a genius. A real one.

The three of them together make quite a team. When their father goes out of town and their babysitting arrangements fall through, the kids decide not to tell their dad, but to set out on an adventure of their own. They track down a long lost Aunt and  discover that she lives in a castle that harbors some interesting secrets, Hardscrabble secets, involving a local legend about the Kneebone Boy as well is the answer to their most pressing question, what happened to their mother?

When a story is gloomy and mysterious it is often called “gothic.” These stories often take place in castles or country estates and usually, children are left to cope with the darkness and mystery themselves. If you liked the gothic The Kneebone Boy, try these:
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  1. This book was very well written, with strong characters, and just the right amount of odd. It kept my attention all the way through, keeping me interested page after page. The ending, though, disappointed me. I felt like there was this great big build up, and then the ending let me down, because I was expecting something more than it was. Overall, though, it’s a book worth reading.

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