ForgeForge continues the story of Curzon and Isabel, two kids during the US Revolution who made a daring escape from slavery together in Chains. Now they are runaways and have to figure out how they are going to keep hidden as well as find food & shelter with a war raging and winter coming.

When they can’t agree on their next move, Isabel takes off on her own leaving Curzon to take his future into his own hands…and worry about Isabel and if she could possibly survive on her own.

To blend in,¬†Curzon joins a band of soldiers at Valley Forge, passing himself off as a freed slave. He’s safe, for now, but also hungry and slowly freezing to death like all the other soldiers at Valley Forge. A gripping story of survival, friendship, trust…and love…maybe. I guess we’ll have to wait for book #3, Ashes, to find out! Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

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