Keeper’s made a mess of some things that are really important to her and she’s got a plan to fix them. The plan includes her boat, her dog and the mother she hasn’t seen since she was three. Her dog is loyal and her boat is well-built but the ocean is unreliable and dangerous. And her mother, well, she is unreliable too, but Keeper thinks she can help, Keeper thinks she is the ONLY grown-up who can help…because she’s a mermaid.

Wishes. Before today, Keeper had made plenty of wishes, like wishes on falling stars and wishes on rainbows and wishes on wishbones, all kinds of small wishes, like for Hershey’s Kisses with almonds and tie-dyed shoelaces. But now she needed a big wish, a giant wish. (page 61) 

And so Keeper sets out to find her mermaid mother in a little boat with her loyal dog BD (Best Dog). When a riptide grabs her boat Keeper finds that the big problems she had before, aren’t quite as big as the problem she has created for herself with her perfect plan. Author: Kathi Appelt

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