Plain Kate

Plain Kate

Plain Kate

Kate is a gifted wood-carver. Her Dad is too and he’s taught her everything she knows. Kate lives in a world where people are very superstitious and believe in curses and charms to either create or fix their problems. The wooden figures Kate carves are thought to be very powerful charms.

At first, Kate’s abilities are a good thing and her figures sell really well. But when a sickness starts in a nearby town and seems to be headed their way, Kate’s neighbors start to think that maybe Kate herself is a witch.

When Kate’s father dies she’s left without a home or a family or anyone to shield her from the wild accusations of her neighbors. To provide for herself and save herself from the townspeople that are plotting against her, Kate strikes a bargain with a mysterious stranger. It’s the kind of bargain young girls make and then find themselves unable or un-willing to repay – think Rapunzel – Kate trades her shadow for her heart’s wish. And as they always say, be careful what you wish for. Author: Erin Bow

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Kate reminds me of Crispin in Avi’s stories. She’s a kid forced to figure out how to survive on her own. Some of the adults she chooses to trust or worthy, and some aren’t. I liked watching Kate figure out who to trust and also how to trust herself and her own abilities. If you liked Kate, try these:
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