The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla

Eva Nine has lived inside an underground bunker her entire life with only her Muthr (Multi-Utility Task Help Robot zero-six) for company. Muthr has been programmed to take care of Eva Nine. If you have a lot of brothers and sisters at home maybe this sounds pretty good – a robot to see to your every need and provide constant entertainment. But Eva Nine is lonely. And bored. And she wants to go OUTSIDE. She wants to know most of all, “is there anybody out there somewhere, like me?”

When the bunker is attacked by an alien Eva Nine gets exactly what she wants. She’s outside and she’s not at all alone, although now she kind of wants to be! Outside the bunker live fantastic over-sized creatures – some want to be her friend, but some want to eat her.  Eva Nine does the only thing she can think of, she sets out toward the only other place she has ever heard about that might have humans in it. A Star Wars – like adventure with a likable hero who has funny, loyal robots and aliens for friends. Author: Tony DiTerlizzi Tony co-wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles with Holly Black. Wondla is full of his great illustrations and if you have a webcam…the book includes directions for using it to enhance those illustrations. (See second video below.)

  • Wondla Official Website
  • The Search for Wondla on CD
  • Read Chapter One The Serach for Wondla (Listen to actress Teri Hatcher read an excerpt – third video below.)

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    1. Eva Nine has been living in isolation for twelve years with no contact with the outside world. Her only companion is a robot who takes care of her. After her safety is threatened by an alien attack, Eva Nine must travel through a strange world filled with bizarre and dangerous creatures to find out who she is and where there are other human beings like her. Recommended by Karen Perry, Franklin Road Branch Library

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