The Danger Box

The Danger Box

The Danger Box

“Mr. Zip had told no one, not one living soul,about his scheme. He had counted on survival.

That, as it turned out, was a mistake; death changed all the rules.” (page 4)

Mr. Zip dies after setting in motion an elaborate plan involving a box and something secret that is hidden in it. Because he’s dead, he isn’t there to see his plan carried out and can’t make an adjustment when pieces of his plan fall apart…like the box being stolen, hunted down, hidden, and then stolen again.

Zoomy and his Grandparents end up with the box. They open the box and it is Zoomy who decides that what is in the box is worth something, if only to him. But what’s in the box IS worth something and SOMEONE is still hunting for it. Things in boxes can be secrets and some secrets can be dangerous.

I loved how this mystery played out from beginning to end. I especially liked Zoomy’s Grandparents. They reminded me of Ob and May in Missing May. They have a simple wisdom about them that is so easy to like.  I liked watching Zoomy and his Grandparent’s deal with Zoomy’s Dad, who is not making very Dad-like decisions.

The mystery solving reminded my of The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. There are clues to unravel and the choices of other people to understand. The Danger Box is a couple kids who solve a mystery as a team and become more confident, interesting people because of their adventure together.  Author: Blue Balliett

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