Touch Blue

Touch Blue

Touch Blue

“Wishes are slippery. You have to be very specific or you can get exactly what you wished for and still end up with nothing.”

Tess lives on an island off of Maine. The island is small, Tess’s school is small and Tess likes it that way. The trouble is, according to the State of Maine her school has gotten too small and is scheduled to be shut down, which means Tess and her family will have to move to the mainland. Tess wishes  more than anything to stay on the island.

The islanders come up with an idea to save their school. They decide to take in foster children so that the school will have enough students to remain open. It seems like a win-win situtation. Kids need homes and the island needs kids. The truth though, is that Tess’s new foster brother Aaron needs more than just a place to sleep and go to school. He needs a family.  Author: Cynthia Lord

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