The Wolf Tree

The Wolf Tree

The Wolf Tree

The Clockwork Dark series is about Conker and his friend Ray. They live during the time of the American West and in their world, American legends are real people.

Conker is John Henry’s son. John Henry was a legendary railroad worker who defeated a steam powered hammer, man against machine, in a contest. His stories are legends like Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan. Ray is a Rambler. Ramblers are like knights or rangers or aurors…their job is to protect the world from evil.

In book #1: The Nine Pound Hammer, Ray and Conker and their friends defeated a demonic machine built by the Gog, a man determined to dominate the world with his evil mechanical inventions. 

After the battle Ray and a few friends found refuge in the Smoky Mountains. They don’t know what’s happened to Conker. All they know is that for now, they’re safe, until a sickly traveler stumbles onto the property with a strange tale from a town out West. Before he dies the man tells about his town and the darkness that has taken it over. The darkness turns good people bad and kills anyone who heads toward light. The man bleeds oil…like a machine. Ray knows the darkness and the man’s oily blood has to be the work of the Gog or his evil machine. Ray’s a Rambler, so he sets out to find out what he can do to save his friends, and world. Author: John Claude Bemis Series: The Clockwork Dark

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