Kid Review: 11 Birthdays

Kid Review: 11 Birthdays

11 Birthdays

Ally says:

“This book is my favorite book because it is very interesting and a wonderful book!
Amanda and Leo have celebrated their birthdays everysingle year. On their 10th birthday Leo said some words he shouldn’t have said and Amanda got so mad, she didn’t talk to Leo for a whole year. So here comes their 11th birthday and Amanda still hasn’t talked to Leo. She has a very bad birthday and wants it to end so bad. So she is finally happy that it is almost Saturday. But it is their birthday again! Will she ever get out of this loop? Is anyone else expiriencing this? How can she stop?

I recodmend this book to the ages of 9-15. I am so glad it got published!

Thanks Wendy!”

If you like Amanda’s story – there’s more!



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