The Keeper’s Tattoo

The Keeper’s Tattoo

The Keeper's Tattoo

Nyssa is happy enough cooking and serving food at the Drowned Boy Inn. For an orphan, she did pretty well for herself ending up at the Drowned Boy with William and Oonagh, the owners, and the Inn regulars, like Marius, who keep an eye on her.

One day, on a trip into town Nyssa is grabbed from behind and surprised to hear whose voice whispers in her ear: 

Nyssa, be quiet! It’s me, Marius. There are men outside who want to kill us. Just stay still and quiet for a minute.” (13)

There are, indeed, men in the village who are after Nyssa. William and Marius even know why.

Nyssa is part of a legendary clan called The Keepers who were hunted down and killed one by one 10 years before by the White Wolf, a man who believes the knowledge The Keepers have is a threat to his own power. Somehow, the White Wolf has learned that Nyssa survived the massacre and has been hidden all these at The Drowned Boy with William and Marius there to guard her.

Nyssa learns that she has a tattoo on the back of her head that reveals the words of an ancient prophecy. The words in her tattoo are only half the story, though, because the other half of the prophecy was tattooed on the back of her twin brother’s head…a brother she never even knew about. ..a brother who is missing and presumed dead. Marius and Nyssa set off together to solve the secret of the tattoo’s message.

As they travel Nyssa realizes that elements from her strange dreams are popping up in reality. They travel to places she has never been and she recognizes them as places in her dreams. It’s not possible that she has ever seen them before, so how does she know what they look like? A suspenseful tale full of danger, good friends, and just a little romance. Author: Gill Arbuthnott

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