The Grimm Legacy

Ledger Kale is a young cousin of Mibs Beaumont from the book Savvy. If you’ve read Mibs’ story, you understand that their family is pretty special. In Mib and Ledger’s family, turning 13 is more than just growing into your natural talents, like playing the violin or scoring soccer goals or being good at listening to other people’s troubles.

In their family turning thirteen means growing into your savvy. A savvy is a kind of magical power: one of their aunts can step back in time, a cousin can melt ice with a single red-hot stare and another can levitate things. Ledger’s mom, when she tells you something you have to obey, whether you want to or not!

Getting a savvy is kind of exciting, but kind of scary too because these talents, however magical, are also dangerous. Ledger’s savvy comes and he is a one man wrecking ball. Light switches, toasters, televisions, & motorcycles explode in his presence. This power isn’t exactly what Ledger had in mind! Ledger takes refuge on the family farm to give himself time to adjust to his newfound savvy, he needs to learn to scumble, or control it, to keep the rest of the world safe from his unintentional demolitions.

When a local cub reporter, Sarah Jane Cabot, finds out about Ledger’s secret talent he is sure his destructive powers will destroy his family too. Sarah Jane can’t be allowed to make his savvy a newspaper headline! What’s the best thing you can do when a person has found out a secret about you? Well, find out a secret about THEM, of course. Author: Ingrid Law 

If you like reading about Mibs and Ledger and their over-the-top talents, try the adventures of Rapunzel, Calamity Jack or some of the other tall tale inspired characters in Lies and Other Tall Tales. They give “Go big or Go Home” a whole new meaning!
Savvy Rapunzel's Revenge Calamity Jack Lies and Other Tall Tales
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