Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel Sneak Peek

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel Sneak Peek


You can get a sneak peek online of the upcoming The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel – no password required. The scene is where Percy, Annabeth and Grover visit Auntie Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium. Read It. I think he looks pretty cool on the cover.

#1: The Lightning Thief on CD and eAudio
#2: The Sea of Monsters on CD and eAudio
#3: The Titanโ€™s Curse on CD and eAudio
#4: The Battle of the Labyrinth on CD and eAudio
#5: The Last Olympian on CD and eAudio

And of course, if you haven’t done it yet, read the first two chapters of The Lost Hero, coming out October 12, 2010.

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  1. These graphic novel…
    SUCKED. I mean, they look WAY older than they’re supposed to be, Annabeth’s 24+ and Percy’s 15-16. In the actual book they’re both TWELVE. What’s up with that?
    My BFF and I go through the book and look at the faces, saying “Dat face Doh!” every time we see a weird looking face. So basically, we say it ALOT.
    This is totally NOT how I imagined the graphic novel! I got all worked up about it too, because my favorite book was now a graphic novel! I could’ve see my characters being put into life.
    Let me just say, it didn’t work out that way.

  2. am I like the last person to respond 2014 boyyy this was like two years ago if some one replys now they like late like me so its kind of quite over here no one to talk to well I have friends at school. im kind of lonely here. I kind of have sibblings its kind of fun to have them they help you care for you you know what I me byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. @Link I dont know if you realized it but you said the book ruined the movie lol.

    so not true.

    The movie ruined everything. I wasnt even going to read the book after seeing the movie cuz it was terrible, but my bff begged me so i started reading it and coldnt put it down i’m now one of PJO’s biggest fans, (Of the books) and the movie’s number 1 hater lol.

  4. Ha Ha Frodo your totally right! Oh and jessie ypor right i mean, Im lookin at the movie cover and Annebeths hair is brown?!?! Whats up wth that?!?!?

  5. i think the book ruined the movie but yeah they could of took some things from the book and put them in the movie. like Cerberus should of been in the movie but the book is cool to i’m on the 4th book.

  6. omg i saw the movie and it ruined it! wheres clarrise, annabeth’s hair suppose to be blonde!,what happened with the battle between ares and percy I WANT ANSWERS!!!!

  7. you know how movies are a little different from the book? well,THE ENTIRE FREAKIN MOVIE WAS COMPLETELY OFF!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…!

  8. they r just 12 in the first book. but hear percy is 16-15 while annabeth looks 25+

  9. they look nothing lik they do in the wwebsite…the official onee and ya they look older like 26 15 and 14.. poor annabeth the tan isnt right she supposed to look ethletic orange shirt and jeans no 60″s outfit. percy is better lookin and does not have a blue sword

  10. They totally did a different ending for the graphic novel but at least it was better than the movie the movie sucked it killed the whole point of the series percy is so not 16 he’s 12 and what will seriously happen if they have the movie based on the last book what about the great prophecy. In the graphic novel the characters totally look unrealistic percy & annabeth look way to old and what up the blue sword

  11. Percy looks older than I thought he would be on the cover. If you went to the offical Percy Jackson website, and look at the characters. The characters look younger(meaning the half-bloods, not the gods.) And Dylan is right that the sword isn’t suppose to be blue.

  12. and i also agree with Dylan Percy’s sword is not blue! (although it is his favorite color, but it has been pretty clear that his word is made of celestial bronze and i think we all know that that metal is not freaking blue!)

  13. i think that Annabeth is way to chubby and Percy is uglier than i was picturing in my mind. But besides all of the bad drawingof characters, it was pretty cool, unlike the movie, who completly killed the whole point of the story.:(

  14. This looks kind of cool but everybody looks so different then what i pictured. They definately look OLDER. Like Annabeth looks about 26 in her ’60’s outfit and Percy looks ok but he still looks like 15. (and he’s 12 in the first book…) and Grover looks older than he should. You know?

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