The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief

Cressida and Adam or orphans. They go to concerts, live in a nice apartment and have the money to do just about whatever they want and to have just about anything they could ever want. Everything except their parents. They do have an adult guardian, Uncle Brody, who really doesn’t care about them at all.

“You two talk too much…I want some changes around here. I want you in your rooms a lot more often. I certainly don’t want to see or hear you after eight o’clock in the evening, and there’ll be no more, you know, frivolity with dressing up and going out. I don’t want young, noisy lives disrupting mine.” (page 12)

Cressida has a singing voice like an angel. When she receives an invitation to “The Festival of Youthful Genius” it is her ticket away from her life with nasty Uncle Brody. Uncle Brody lets Cressida and Adam go to the Festival – just to get them both out of his hair.

The Festival is at a posh hotel. The young guests are treated like celebrities; waiting on, spoiled, made to feel like kings and queens. It doesn’t take long for Adam to suspect that the Festival is something else though, something other than a gathering of talent and someone sinister is behind it, someone so self-centered even Uncle Brody starts to look good. Author: Alex Williams

If you like Roald Dahl books, give this one a try. The Talent Thief also reminds me alot of Sylvie and the Songman and The Secret of Zoom…two more book about evil geniusus  stealing kid’s voices to carry out their sinister plan. If you like the idea of kids fighting back try The Girl Who Could Fly (even though the cover is terrible – ignore it!) and The Name of This Book is Secret.
Sylvie and the Songman The Name of This Book is Secret The Secret of Zoom The Girl Who Could Fly
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