Kid Review: Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

Kid Review: Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

The Whangdoodle was once the most extraordinary creature in the world. He disappeared and made a land for himself and all the other remarkable animals that we don’t see anymore. It was a place where the last of the really great Whangdoodles could rule his kingdom with “peace, love and a sense of fun”. And then it was forgotten.

Or was it? Professor Savant believed in the Whangdoodle. And when he tells the three Potter children of his search for the spectacular creature, Lindy, Tom, and Ben are ready to go to Whangdoodleland. With the Professor’s help, they discover the secret way. Author: Julie Edwards

Sam Says,

This book was awesome it is adventurous, humorous, and fascinating. When Ben, Lindy, Tom and Professor Sevant travel to the amazing world of whangdoodles you never know what’ll happen. As you read this book your imagination will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget!
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Take note of that author – Julie Andrews Edwards. That’s Julie Andrews as in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, the Grandma in The Princess Diaries movies & Princess Fiona’s mom in Shrek! All that talent wrapped up in one lady. Amazaing.

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