Kid Review: Mariana and the Merchild

Kid Review: Mariana and the Merchild

Mariana and the Merchild

A childless old woman is given a merbaby to raise until the child can safely return to the sea.

Brianna says,

“I have just read this book and I thought it was great. The author brings you close to the sea, just by how she describes the scenes. The illustrations are beautiful and the words of the author are heart-worming. I would definitely recommend reading this tale from Chile.”

Google Preview Mariana and the Merchild

I haven’t read this one but Brianna makes it sound like one to try. I do like stories about mermaids – like Ariel and the sassy mermaids in the Peter and the Starcatchers series. Mermaid stories always have that tension that happens when you care about people between two worlds. Even though mermaids aren’t real, we can relate to their problem – how do you manage when people you care about pull you back and forth between two worlds? For them, the difference is between the land and the sea, but for us the difference might be between two friends or the difference between two parents. I can relate to mermaids because of this and if you think about it, you probably can too. 

I have started Keeper but haven’t finished it yet – it’s a new mermaid story for 2010. If you like mermaids, try Keeper or one of these:
Keeper Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret The Islands of the Blessed Ingo
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